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Ronnie's Deli Kosher Dill Pickles

From: Ellen Allen 
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2017 5:38 PM
Subject: Ronnies dill pickles

I would love the recipe for Ronnieís Deli (Orlando) dill pickles, that you said you had back in 2012 J  
Canít tell you how many I ate growing up in Winter Park, FL.


Hi Ellen,

The below recipe was printed in the Orlando Sentinel.

Itís also here, with photos: Lisa Hoxie

Iím also including the pickled pepper strips recipe.


Ronnie's Kosher-Style Pickles

Fresh cucumbers, enough to fill 5-gallon crock
3 gallons water
1 pound salt
3 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
4 ounces mixed pickling spices
1 bunch fresh dill
1 loaf of stale rye bread broken into chunks

Place cucumber in crock, mix salt into water and pour over cucumbers. Add garlic, spices and 
fresh dill on top. Add rye bread chunks. Cover crock with cheesecloth.
Put lightweight stone, large enough to submerge pickles and ingredients in brine. Keep at room 
temperature for 3 days. Cure in refrigerator for 5 more days.
The pickles must be stored in refrigerator.
Ronnie's Pickled Pepper Strips

About 4 sweet peppers sliced into strips, or enough to fill 1 quart 2 1/2 cups water
2 ounces pickling spice
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups distilled white vinegar

Add water to pepper strips, stir in sugar and pickling spices, finish with distilled white vinegar.
Shake well.
Refrigerate 24 hours before serving.
Store in refrigerator as you would any cold-pack pickle.

Makes about 1 quart or 4 servings. 

D H Holmes Pineapple Salad

-----Original Message----- 
From: Frances 
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2017 9:52 PM
Subject: recipe

What was the name of the pineapple, cottage cheese and cheddar cheese salad 
make at DH Holmes in the 1960ís?
Thanks, Fran 

Hello Fran,

I wrote to a friend of mine who has a copy of the D H Holmes cookbook "Bayou Banquet." Here is what he said.

"The D.H. Holmes book is "Bayou Banquet..Recipes from a potpourri of cultures." There is no recipe in the book for the pineapple, cottage cheese and cheddar salad. Sorry. This was a basic salad that many cafeterias used. A&W Cafeteria which was a New Orleans-based cafeteria has a recipe in their book and they called it Pineapple Cottage Cheese. Morrison's called it Fruit and Cottage Cheese and pineapple was sometimes used and other times it was pears or peaches. Hope that helps. James


Lacombe Chicken Salad

Lacombe Chicken Salad from the D.H. Holmes cookbook

Makes 4 servings

4 to 5 cups cooked chicken, cut in large pieces
2 stalks celery, coarsely chopped
2 green onions, finely chopped
1 tablespoon parsley
1 apple, peeled and finely chopped
1/2 cup homemade mayonnaise (recipe follows)
1 teaspoon good curry powder
Salt and black pepper to taste
Lemon juice
Lettuce for serving

Combine chicken in a bowl with celery, onions, parsley and apple. Toss gently.

In a mixing cup, combine mayonnaise and curry powder and blend well. Pour over salad and toss. 
Add salt. pepper and lemon juice to taste. Toss again, chill and serve over lettuce.
Bayou Country Mayonnaise

Makes about 1-1/4 cups

1 egg
Juice of 1 lemon
Dash of Tabasco
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon Creole mustard
3/4 cup Wesson oil, combined with
1/4 cup olive oil

Have all ingredients at room temperature.
Place egg, lemon juice, Tabasco, salt, pepper and mustard in the blender, along with 
1/4 cup of the oil. Blend on high speed for 30 seconds.
Reduce speed to low and pour remaining oil into center in a very thin continuous stream. 
Blend thoroughly.

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