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Gold Coast Stew

From: Yervant 
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2016 2:43 PM
Subject: Recipe Request - Gold Coast Stew


I've looked over your site and have not seen the recipe I'm looking for. It's called "Gold Coast Stew" and I
believe it is a Betty Crocker recipe. Now, there is one readily available online from a recipe card circa 1971, 
but this is not the recipe I'm looking for. The recipe I am looking for contains chicken, beef, corn, and peanut 
butter. (The one I keep coming across does not contain beef or corn.) I believe the recipe came from a different 
recipe card collection and would have been around before 1990. (I'm looking for the recipe for my mother, so 
this is all the information I have available.) Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

Best regards,

Hello Yervant,

I cannot find any “gold coast stew” recipe other than the one that you have already found – the one that does not contain beef or corn. I also searched for any stew recipe with chicken, beef, corn and peanut butter. I could not find such a recipe under any name.

I’ll post this.


Jefferson Elementary Chocolate Cake

-----Original Message----- 
From: Heidi 
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2016 7:15 AM
Subject: Chocolate cake

Have been looking for a chocolate cake recipe  from my childhood that I and 
my friends have not forgotten. We went to Jefferson Elementary School in San 
Francisco and for dessert, always...the cafeteria served this chocolate cake 
that was to die for!!! Though the cake was slightly dry (only slightly) with 
many holes...the icing/frosting was smooth and silky but put it all 
together....was just yummy and unforgettable! What we remember the most, 
that is was!...forget vanilla beans! Perhaps the chocolate 

Oh how we miss it and the woman who served it everyday during our tenure at 
the school. God Bless her.

Sent from Heidi

Hi Heidi,

Sorry, I cannot find any recipes at all from Jefferson Elementary School in San Francisco. I'll post this for reader input.


Clifton's Cafeteria Carrot Cake

From: Gina
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2016 1:00 PM
Subject: Carrot cake recipe

My name is Gina .
I'm looking for the carrot cake recipe from Clifton cafeteria in Los Angeles California.
They use to hand out all their recipes but i lost it.

Hello Gina,

I have some Clifton’s recipes, but I had no success finding the carrot cake recipe. See: 06-03-2013

I’ll post this for reader input.


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