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Chicago Chophouse Lobster Mac & Cheese

From: Jenny 
Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2011 11:32 AM
Subject: Chicago Chop House Lobster Mac & Cheese

A few years ago I ate at the Chicago Chop House in Calgary (here’s a link to the website –> 
The lobster mac and cheese there was TO DIE FOR!  
Ever since then, I have been trying to find the recipe and recreate the lobster mac at home, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful in my quest.  
I would be ever so grateful if you could find and share the recipe!


Hi Jenny,

Sorry, I had no success locating either the recipe or a copycat for this. I’ll post your request on the site. Note that the Calgary “Chicago Chophouse” (“Chophouse” - all one word) and the “Chicago Chop House” (“Chop House” - two words) chain of restaurants in the U.S. appear to be unrelated.


Moby Dick's Mediterranean Salad

From: Rommel
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 1:49 PM
Subject: Meditteranean Salad

Dear Uncle,

There was a restaurant years ago in Lindenwold, New Jersey that served the best  seafood. I believe that it has since shut down.
I remember that for starters they served a salad that was called 'Meditteranean Salad' or "Med Salad'. 
It was the  most delicious salad I have ever had.
It had finely chopped iceburg lettuce with onions , tomatoes, what appeared  to be grated Asiago cheese, and shrimp sliced in half. 
Everything was finely cut. What was the best part was the dressing. It didn't have any vinegar. It tasted like lemon, and it had a hint of anchovy I believe. 
It was served very cold and fresh. Could you find the recipe for me?
Thanks a bunch!

Hello Rommel,

You should always tell me the name of the restaurant (if you know it) in cases like this, although I doubt it would help with this search. I cannot find any mention at all of any “Mediterranean Salad” or “Med Salad” recipe that has any connection with Lindenwold, NJ. Likewise, although there are dozens of recipes for “Mediterranean Salad”, I had no success in finding a recipe for “Mediterranean Salad” or “Med Salad” that matched your description.

I’ll post this request in case a reader knows something about it.


So sorry- the restaurant name was "Moby Dick". 


Red Velvet Bread

From: Chamorita
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 5:44 AM
Subject: Red Velvet Bread recipe

I was checking to see if you're able to find a recipe for Red Velvet Bread, just like banana bread or pumpkin bread, but of course Red Velvet.  

I appreciate your time,

Hello Chamorita,

There is only one recipe on the Internet that is called “Red Velvet Bread”. It uses red velvet cake mix, and is actually more of a loaf cake than a bread. I cannot find any recipe at all for “red velvet bread” other than that. See:

Homemade by Harper

My Recipes

Cake Mix Cakes

I see that you requested this on several days ago, with no success as yet:

I have the impression that there is more detail involved with this than you have given to me. Please tell me the origin of your request. Any clue can help. Where have you eaten “red velvet bread”? I have heard that “Starbucks” may sell a “red velvet bread”, although I have not seen it there myself. Are you looking for a copycat recipe for the Starbucks product?


Golden Harvest Cake (Pumpkin)

From: Adeline 
Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2011 2:46 PM
Subject: Back Again

Uncle Phaedrus, I am back again with another request.  

Around Thanksgiving, my Mother used to bake a two layer pumpkin cake entitled “Golden Harvest Cake.”  
I think she got the recipe off the back of a can of shortening – maybe Spry.  
Regardless, it was delicious and frosted with Burn Sugar Frosting.  
I have searched and searched for the recipe and cannot locate it. 
I remember that it had shortening, pumpkin, flour, eggs, I believe brown and white sugar, and spices including mace in it.  
I hope you can find it for me.


Hello Adeline,

Sorry, not much success. These are the only golden harvest cake recipes that I can find:

Vegetarian Times

My recipes

Recipe Seeker


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