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Marbled Rye Eggs

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From: marcia
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 2:17 PM
Subject: Recipe request

I'm looking for a recipe my grandmother used to make.  I believe it is 
either German or Polish.  It was for picked eggs it had rye and onion skins 
to make them crackles she called them marbled rye eggs.  I found a similar 
recipe several years ago, but unfortunately I did not bookmark it.  Please 
help me.

Hello Marcia,

There are dozens of German and Polish and Amish, etc. pickled eggs recipes with onions. Marbled hard-boiled eggs can be made with onions skins. The onion skin is usually wrapped around the egg before boiling, but not always - sometimes they are placed loose in the pot. These are not actually "pickled", though. The marbling is usually on the shell, not on the cooked egg. Again, it could be done with already boiled and peeled pickled eggs, I suppose. However, the rye is an outlier. I can't find any recipe that called for rye grain in the brine or in the cooking water.

See these sites for marbled eggs:

Onion Skin Hard Boiled Eggs

Onion Skin Colored Eggs

Also, Chinese tea eggs are marbled and spiced. See: Chinese Tea Eggs

I'll post this for reader input.


From: Marcie Martin 
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 5:04 PM
To: Phaedrus 
Subject: Re: Marbled Rye Eggs

Thank you for the speedy response.  Yesterday I was once again searching and I think I may have found the recipe 
See: German Pickled Eggs.   
Thank you so much for your time. 


No rye after all, then.

Black Walnut Chips

From: Vicki 
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 2:18 AM
Subject: Please Help, looking for Black Walnut Chips recipe


I really help you can help me out.  This being the season, I am swimming in black walnuts, 
and I am desperately searching for a recipe for a candy called “Black Walnut Chips”, or 
occasionally aka “Black Walnut Pillows”.  It is a sweetened mincemeat-type black walnut 
center inside a simple white or golden hard-candy shell.  I understand that until a few 
years ago they were made commercially by a company called Peerless, which has gone out of 
business.  I cook, but am clueless when it comes to candy, so I have no idea how to 
reverse-engineer this particular favorite.  Any assistance you can offer in locating a 
recipe would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi Vicki,

Yes, this candy was apparently made famous by Peerless Candy Company, which closed its doors in 2007 after over 90 years of business. I also searched for this back in ‘03: 12-27-03

There are dozens of black walnut candy recipes, but this particular commercial candy is a filled hard candy. It does not appear to have ever been a homemade candy like grandma made, although there might have been a similar homemade candy at one time. That makes your request very complicated. If, as you say, you are “clueless when it comes to candy”, it would be very difficult for you to make this even if you had Peerless’ recipe.

The commercial candy may still be available from other suppliers. Wegman’s might have it, and the Vermont Country Store has it listed:

That said, in an old 1908 book called “Revised American Candy Maker,” by Charles C. Huling, (available at Amazon) I found a recipe for making “Crisp Almond Chips” with a sort of footnote for using the same recipe with slightly different ingredients to make “Crisp Black Walnut Chips.” See below for a version of that recipe that I have revised a little to make it less confusing. It seems to me to be a somewhat complex recipe for a novice candy-maker. It appears to have been intended for use by candy stores that made their own candy and calls for some candy-making equipment that you may not have. it’s a pulled nut candy inside a glossy outside candy. I don’t know how similar it might be to the Peerless product, but it is the closest that I could find. You’ll have to experiment with it to see. If you find it daunting, there are other, dissimilar but easier, black walnut candy recipes on these sites:

I’ll post this on the site for reader input.


Crisp Black Walnut Chips 

15 lbs white A sugar
4 pints of water
1 teaspoonful of cream of tartar

Cook to 335°

2 lbs of American black walnuts chopped fine
1 teaspoonful of fine salt
10 drops of oil of teaberry
Green food coloring (if desired)

Chop two pounds of American black walnuts into small pieces about the size of grains of rice and 
set aside.
Put 15 lbs of white A sugar into a copper pan, add 4 pints of water and one teaspoonful of 
cream of tartar. Place on heat, mix well and after washing down the sides of the pan, cook to 335°; 
pour onto oiled marble, and as soon as it cools a little, separate about six lbs of it and knead the
chopped black walnuts, and one teaspoonful of salt into this six pound batch.
Add about ten drops of teaberry oil and some green food coloring(as desired) to the larger remaining 
batch and pull it over the hook until it is partly pulled; twist the air from it and form it into a 
flat batch on a table in front of a batch-warmer. 
In the meantime, your assistant can have the 6 lb black walnut batch turned up and cooled off in a 
regulated temperature - not too cold and not too hot, as this will spoil the gloss.
Lay the nut batch on top of the flat pulled batch, flatten it out, pull it out in ribbons one inch and 
a quarter wide; mark the ribbons, while hot, by running the chip cutter over them, leave them on a cool
marble until cold, then break apart and pack into tins ready for use. These wafer should be quite glossy, 
if you have pulled them out cool enough. 

Paddy's Clam House Manhattan Clam Chowder

From: marion 
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 2:13 AM
Subject: ISO recipe for Manhattan Clam Chowder

Manhattan Clam Chowder
from Paddy's Clam House
nyc,  west 34th street, circa 1960's

thank you for any help you can offer.

Hi Marion,

Sorry, I had no success finding any recipes at all from Paddy’s. I’ll post this on the site for reader input. I found menus from Paddy’s here: Menus

Paddy (Joseph Patrick) White is said to have been writing a book called “Eat Fish, Live Longer” that might have contained some of his recipes, but I cannot find that it was ever published.


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