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> I am looking for the Slovak pagach receipe    Thank You

Hello __?

Please give your first name when making requests. See below for two pagach recipes.


Pagach (Ukrainian Potato bread)

2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup warm water
1 pkg yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt

1 lg onion peeled and sliced
1 med head cabbage, shredded
1/2 cup oil

Dissolve yeast in the water. add salt and 2 1/2 cups flour and
knead smooth and elastic, adding more flour as needed. Place dough
on countertop, cover with stainless steel bowl. Allow to rise double
in bulk.

Saute onion in oil until soft. add shredded cabbage and salt and
pepper and cover and cook until cabbage is tender and soft. Drain
off any excess oil. Punch down dough and divide into 2 parts.

Roll out dough into an 18 x 12 inch rectangle. Place cooled filling
on one side of rectangle, leaving a 2 inch margin from the edges.
Fold the other half of dough over the filling so you have a turnover,
9 x 12 inches. Pat the top of the dough down lightly on the filling.

Carefully pinch edges together. Brush oil over the top of the dough
and sprinkle with salt or garlic salt. Place on greased baking
sheet. let rise double. Bake 400 for 30 minutes or golden.
Pagach [Carpatho-Rusin]
(Makes 1 large loaf, enough for 8 servings)

The dough:

2 1/2 to 3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup warm water(105 degrees)
1 pkg. quick rising yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt


salad oil
additional salt or garlic salt

Dissolve yeast in the warm water(105 degrees). Add the salt and 2 1/2 cups
flour. Knead until smooth, adding more flour as needed if the dough is still
too sticky. Place the dough on a plastic countertop and cover it with a
stainless-steel bowl. Allow it to rise until double in bulk. Meanwhile, make
the filling(recipes follow).

Punch down the dough. Divide it into 2 parts. Roll the dough out into a
rectangle, 18 x 12 inches. Place the filling on one side of the rectangle,
being careful to leave a margin of about 2-inches from the edges. Fold the
other half of the dough over the filling so that you now have a turnover, 9
x 12 inches. Pat the top of the dough down lightly into the filling.
Carefully pinch the edges together. Spread the salad oil on top and sprinkle
generously with the salt or garlic salt. Place on a greased baking sheet.
Let rise until double in bulk. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 30
minutes or until golden brown.

Pagach and Cheese Potato Filling:

Boil peeled potatoes (about 1 1/2 pounds); drain and mash with a little
butter and milk. Add grated sharp Cheddar cheese to the potatoes and
cool(the more cheese, the tastier). Taste for salt and black pepper. This is
a great filling for Pierogi or Pagach.

Pagach Cabbage Filling(Sweet Cabbage Filling): Cook 1 large peeled and
sliced onion in 1/2 to 3/4 cup oil until soft. Add shredded green
cabbage(medium head) and salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Cover and
cook until the cabbage is soft. Drain excess oil. This makes a good filling
for Pagach or Haluski.

Coney Dog Sauce with Heart

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> I would like a recipe for Coney Don Sauce made with Heart.

Hi Marion,

See below.


Original Coney Island Sauce 

1 tablespoon Butter
1 tablespoon Margarine
1 1/2 pound(s) Ground beef
2 medium Onion(s), minced
1 clove Garlic, crushed
3 tablespoon(s) Chili powder
1 tablespoon Yellow mustard
6 ounce(s) Tomato paste
6 ounce(s) Water
1 Beef heart, cooked and ground
4 Hot dog(s), ground
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon Sweet pickle relish
1 tablespoon Green olives, crushed

Combine all ingredients except hot dogs and cook until thick.
Do NOT brown the beef first.
Add the hot dogs and cook 15 minutes longer.
If the sauce is too thin, add some crumbled soda crackers. 

More Hot Dog, Chili Dog & Coney recipes

Fruit of the Forest Pie

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> AL 

Hello Al,

Only one recipe that I can find. See below.


Fruits of the Forest Pie
Prep time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Cook time: 1 hour, 10 minutes Makes 2 pies

You may substitute canned dark sweet cherries or red tart pie cherries for
any fruit you are unable to find.

* Ingredients:

Filling (enough for 2 pies):
2 cups stewed rhubarb or 1 15-ounce can red tart cherries
1 15-ounce can strawberries
1 15-ounce can raspberries
1 15-ounce can blackberries
3/4 cup sugar, divided use
6 tablespoons cornstarch
4 tablespoons lemon juice
1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled and sliced
Crust (to make 2 double-crust 9-inch pie shells):
5 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons salt
4 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons chilled unsalted butter cut into 1/4 -inch
14 tablespoons chilled vegetable shortening
8 to 10 tablespoons ice water

* Instructions:

Filling: Drain all fruit well, reserving and combining syrup. Preheat oven
to 400 degrees. Stir 1 cup of reserved syrup into the combined mixture of
1/2 cup of the sugar and cornstarch. Cook over medium heat, stirring
constantly until thickened and clear. Remove from heat. Gently stir in
remaining sugar, lemon juice and drained fruit, except apples. Let stand
while preparing pastry crust.

Crust: In a large bowl, mix flour, salt and sugar together. Scatter butter
pieces over flour mixture, tossing to coat butter with a little flour. Cut
butter into flour. Add shortening and continue cutting in until flour is
pale yellow and resembles coarse cornmeal. Turn mixture into another large

Sprinkle 8 tablespoons ice water over mixture and fold in till dough sticks
together, adding up to 2 more tablespoons ice water if needed. Shape dough
into 2 balls with your hands. Divide each ball in two and flatten all balls
into four discs, 2 slightly larger than the other two. (You are making 2
double-crust pie shells.) Dust lightly with flour and wrap in plastic.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes before rolling.

Roll both larger discs on a lightly floured surface into two 12-inch circles
about 1/8-inch thick. Transfer each to a 9-inch pie plate, leaving dough
overhang in place. Place sliced apples in the bottom of both dough-lined pie
pans. Top each with half of the prepared fruit filling.

Roll both smaller dough discs on a lightly floured surface into 10-inch
circles. Lay each over the tops of the pies. Trim both crusts to 1/4 inch
beyond pie plate and fold under. Flute the edges and vent the top. Set on a
rimmed baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes or until light brown.
Reduce the heat to 350 degrees and continue baking for 30 minutes longer or
until golden brown.

Per slice, 8 slices per pie: 557 cal.; 5 g pro.; 68 g carb.; 30 g fat (15
sat., 11 monounsat., 4 polyunsat.); 50 mg chol.; 297 mg sod.; 4 g fiber; 33
g sugar; 48 percent calories from fat. 

Vietnamese Cakes

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Subject: Recipe Request

> Dear Sir,
> My name is Epet.
> I have been looking for the vietnamese recipe for years but couldn't find
>any of them.  Can you please help me to find the Bánh Ḅ Nu?ng?  It is a
>kind of sweet cake.
> Your response is greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much.
> Best Regards,
> Epet 

Hello Epet,

I could only find recipes for this in Vietnamese. See these websites:

Viet Cooking1

Vietnam Plaza

Vietnamese Recipes

Viet Cooking2



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Subject: Sizzlean

> Hi,
> Maybe you can help me with this one - I've tried to search for it myself
> with no luck whatsoever. DO you remember sizzlean? The bacon substitute of
> the 80's? Well eventhough to me it didn't really taste like bacon I loved
> it - and now it's gone....  I read somewhere on the web that maybe it was
> still being sold but under a different name, just couldn't find out if that's
> true and if so what the name is. PLEASE let me know what happened to sizzlean.
> Thanks a lot
> Dolores

Hello Delores,

Well, sales of Sizzlean were just not enough to make it profitable for Hormel.

The closest thing that I know of on the market today is made by Swift's. They make a turkey/beef breakfast strip. See:

Swift's - Photo (picture)


Morningstar Farms also makes a breakfast strip, but of course theirs contains no meat at all. See:

Morningstar Farms



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