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Magic Pan

"Magic Pan" was a national chain that specialized in crepes. Simple, yet delicious. There was a cookbook published that was called: "The Crepe Cookbook: All About the Magic World of Crepes. (The Magic Pan Restaurant)", by Paulette Fono (the founder of Magic Pans) and Maria Stacho, Magic Pan Restaurant. 1969, From the Doubleday Little Cookbook Shelf Series. There are copies available at the used book stores online. These are the only recipes that I have been able to locate on the Internet:

There is a file of dozens of Magic Pan recipes here: Magic Pan Recipes

If the Magic Pan recipe that you want isn't on either list, try posting a request on the Yahoo group at Magic Pan Project

These do not appear to be available:

Cinnamon crepes?
Crepes Beignets
Monte cristo sandwich
Parmesan dressing
Ratatouille crepes
Bread Basket Hot French Bread with Buttery Herbed topping & Gorgonzola Cheese Spread.
Sauteed Chicken?

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