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Magic Pan Cinnamon Crepes

From: Pat 
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 6:22 PM
Subject: crepe recipe

I recently had The Magic Pan "famous" cinnamon crepe.  I have looked for recipes 
for it...or for something similar. I have found the recipe for the Magic Pan sweet 
crepe batter.  But the only thing I am finding for cinnamon crepes are recipes that 
have cinnamon in the batter.  They may put cinnamon in the batter...but they also 
have it on the crepe, with butter and I don't know what else. It turns into almost 
a cinnamon syrup in that crepe.  I would appreciate any help you can give!

Hello Pat,

Well, letís talk about The Magic Pan a bit. The original Magic Pan chain of crepe restaurants thrived from the 1960s to the 1980s, but then began to decline, and the last one closed in 1995. If you want to read some history about The Magic Pan, see these sites:

1th Forum
and here:

There is a menu from that Magic Pan here:
Mr Menu
Note that the original Magic Pan did not have cinnamon crepes on the menu. I have a page devoted to Magic Pan recipes, but they are exclusively from the original Magic Pan. See:
Magic Pan at Hungrybrowser

Since then, the Magic Pan name has been used by other restaurants that have no affiliation with the original and do not specialize in crepes. See:

Ventana's magazine and Urban Spoon

The concept of a Magic Pan crepes restaurant was revived by Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises as a fast-food stand in Northbrook, Illinois, in 2005. This revival opened a second location in the food court of the Mall of America near Minneapolis, Minnesota. They use re-creations of the crepe recipes from the original Magic Pan. I found their menu online:

Magic Pan Crepes Stand

There are no cinnamon crepes on this menu, either, but Iím thinking that the cinnamon crepes must be something that they added to their menu recently. However, other than a few mentions of them on message boards, I cannot find anything about cinnamon crepes from Magic Pan. I did not find any recipes or copycat recipes.

I had no success finding even a non-Magic Pan cinnamon crepes recipe with the kind of cinnamon filling that you describe. All of the ones that I found had some sort of fruit, berries, or cheese in the filling.

I have no idea how they make this crepe or the filling, nor do I have any ideas of how to find out. All I can do is post this on my site in case a reader can help.


Lum's Chili Dog Sauce

From: Cathy
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 2:32 PM
Subject: Lum's sauce for the chili dogs


I have looked all around and I really would love to have the recipe 
(or something really, really close to it) for the meat sauce that was 
used on Lum's chili dogs. The hot dogs were great but it's the meat 
sauce that kept me ordering it. I have the fondest memories of going 
there with my husband and our friends and ordering their chili dog 
and fries! Hoping you can help me,



Hello Cathy,

Sorry, I had no success with the chili recipe. No one seems to have it, and no one mentions anything as being similar.

My Lumís stuff is here:
Lum's at Hungrybrowser

There is a Lum's Blog here:
Lum's Recipes

Lumís is back! One has re-opened at 717 Fall River Avenue in Seekonk, Massachusetts with (according to their website) the original recipes. See:
My Lum's


Orange Muffins

From: Jennifer  
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 12:31 PM
Subject: Missing "Orange Muffin" Recipe


I have been looking for an "Orange Muffin" recipe my mom used to make.
I've asked her about it and she only vaguely remembers making it for us 
when we were younger. We looked through her cookbooks (a large collection 
of old church cookbooks, professional cookbooks, and clippings she's saved 
over the years) without any luck.

I've tried looking on the internet myself without much luck.

What I remember about these muffins and what makes the special is the 
orange "topping" is placed in the bottom of the muffin tin before the 
batter goes in. I do not recall the muffin itself having much orange 
flavor. But, a sugary mixture with orange juice and a little zest went 
into the bottom of the muffin tin. When the muffins were done, the 
bottom became the top and it was covered with the caramelized gooey 
orange sauce.

Any ideas or help finding this would be appreciated!


Hello Jennifer,

Sorry, I had no success finding this.


Here is the recipe for Jennifer                     

Timm in Oregon

Orange Upside Down Muffins

1/4 cup orange juice, freshly squeezed
2 teaspoons grated orange peel
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar 
Muffin batter of choice

Combine the orange juice, grated orange peel, butter and sugar 
in a sauce pan and cook for five minutes. Divide the glaze equally 
into ten muffin cups. 
Add your favorite muffin batter and bake according to batter 
instructions. After baking, turn the pan upside down on rack and 
let stand for a few minutes before removing muffins.

Thanks, Timm!

Poseidon Bakery

From: carla 
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 1:31 PM
Subject: Poseidon Bakery


Hope you can help me find the recipes from the Poseidon Bakery in 
NYC which were published in an article in Better Homes and Gardens 
magazine probably circa 1970ís.
The recipes included were butter cookies and flogeria and baklava.

Thank you,


Hello Carla,

How do you know that these recipes were published in Better Homes & Gardens? This might be a clue that would help me find them


From: carla 
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 5:48 PM
To: 'Phaedrus' 
Subject: RE: Poseidon Bakery


I had a copy of the recipes for a long time and foolishly discarded them. 
We know the owners  of the bakery and they confirmed the source. 
They do not have a copy either.

Thank you for your interest and effort. 
I checked the BHG archives on line and came up empty as well as searching 
Posiedon bakery recipes, Lily Fable (owner), as well baklava etc.


Hello Carla,

Well, I cannot find any Poseidon Bakery recipes at all from Better Homes and Gardens. I did find a video wherein Lili Fable shows how to make spanikopita:
Top Video Tutorials

I found a recipe of Liliís on Martha Stewartís site for apple strudel:
Apple Strudel

I also found Liliís recipe for Rolled Baklava (Saragli) in several places on the web, including Martha Stewartís site:
Rolled Baklava

These are all that I can find. I do not have access to any BH & G archives other than what is on their site, and those probably donít go back very far. At any rate, the recipes were not in the BH&G online archives. I did not find even a mention anywhere that any of Liliís recipes had been published in Better Homes & Gardens.

Carla, if you know Lili Fable and her son Paul as you indicate, then why donít you just ask them for these recipes directly? Why do you need the magazine recipes? It seems very unusual that Lili and Paul would not keep a copy of an article about themselves that was printed in a national magazine like BH&G. Most people would keep multiple copies and put framed copies of the article on the wall of their business.

Iíll post this on my site in case any of my readers can help.


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