Open Requests for May 2007

These are the "cold cases", the requests that I have not been able to find. You can help each other if you have any of the recipes or information requested on this page. You'll enjoy reading them even if you don't have the answers. Many of them are very interesting and bring back memories. If do you have any of them, please send them to me.

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Cooking with Corris Spareribs

So, I have a challenge for you! ugh! First of all my name is Robin...nice to meet you! I'll get right down to business... My mother got a recipe off the Helms bakery truck a gazillion years ago and can't for the life of her find it. It's called Mandarin Spareribs and she recalls it being from a show called Cooking with Corris. (i'm actually not sure if it was a show or not). All I know off hand is that there is ground ginger, pork spareribs, Catsup, Consume..... unfortunately that's all I can tell you for now. I've googled the heck out of this and can't even find but 3 mentions of Corris' name (nothing leading directly to him, or recipes for that matter). Any help from you, oh mighty finder of lost recipes, would be absolutely fantastic.!!! Thank you sooooooooooooo very much!

Red Oaks Inn Chocolate Cake

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,
I am searching for a lost old family loved recipe that appeared in Sphere magazine put out by Betty Crocker in approx 1976-1978. It was from Red Oak's Inn and had buttermilk, cinnamon, and cocoa. The icing was thick and smooth with powdered sugar. I have been trying to get Sphere magazines off Ebay but so far have not been able to find the correct one. I would love to make this for my family.
Thanks in advance.

Chocolate "Smash" Cookies

I am looking for a recipe that my mother used to make, which she called Chocolate Smash Cookies. I know there was Crisco, eggs, flour, Hershey's Cocoa, sugar and vanilla in the recipe. The only other distinguishing feature is that after assembling the dough and putting spoonfuls onto cookie sheets, we would take a glass and put a wet washcloth on the bottom of it and "smash" the cookies flat. I've tried searching myself, asking my mom, all to no avail. Would you please try your luck? I was in California when we made this recipe, if location has any bearing to finding this reminiscent recipe. Thank you so much. If you can't do this search for any reason, let me know, or if it doesn't have information that you need.
-Julie, transplanted to Texas from California (and a little homesick)

Volga-German Poppyseed Rolls

When I was a young child, my grandmother who was a German from Russia made a roll or strudel or bread that was filled with a poppy seed filling as well as a cottage cheese filling. This was rolled up and sliced so that you could see the black layer of the poppy seed and the white layer of the cottage cheese. It looked almost like a flattened black, white and beige (from the dough) pinwheel. I can not tell you how it tasted because as a child, I didn't see how cottage cheese and poppy seeds could be good as a desert and I refused to taste it. Now, I know better and think that it was probably very good. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away 27 years ago and she had no daughters to pass this recipe on to. I wish that I had thought about it while someone was alive to ask. I searched for a few years to see if I can find anything that resembles what I remember of that roll.
Can you help?

Frozen Sandwiches

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,
Years ago, I had a recipe for a sandwich that could be frozen, then heated in the oven. The filling called for hard-boiled eggs, grated cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, and a few other things I do not recall (perhaps chopped green pepper). I believe they were meatless. The bread used was actually small, soft "French" rolls. The sandwiches were individually wrapped in foil and frozen before being heated from the frozen state, using a conventional oven. They were handy to have around and could be cut in quarters and used as a quick snack or appetizer. I have searched the internet with no luck, though I found a couple of hamburger-based frozen sandwiches. I regret that I have no recipe name. Since you're obviously very good at searching, perhaps you'll be able to find them. My thanks in advance.

Guatemalan Bull's Horns Donuts

Hi Phaedrus
A friend of mine lost a family recipe and I was wondering if you may know what I'm talking about . he called them something to do with the bulls horns and they were twisted little doughnuts like baked goods. Very tasty. he is from Guatemala.
thank you Mary

Providence, RI School Cookies

Hi Uncle Phaedrus,
Don't know if it is possible to get these recipes or not. In the 60's, I was in school @ Gilbert Stuart Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island. The lunch room sold 1 cent and 3 cent cookies. They also had 5 cent cakes. All I can tell you is that they were the best cookies and cakes I've ever eaten. Can't find a recipe to match anything like them. The 1 cent cookies were peanut butter, The 3 cent cookies were yellow big cookies and the cakes were cut from a sheet pan, white cake with white icing. If you can find these recipes, I would be so grateful. I enjoy the stories along with the recipes. Thanks again for your help.

Chicken Upside Down Casserole

I am looking for a recipe my mother use to make, It is call Chicken upside Down casserole and it has Chicken, hard boiled eggs and a thickening from the chicken makes the gravy in the casserole and then you top it off with corn bread on top and bake in the oven but I am not sure just what all was in it and how long to bake. I think this was a southern recipe that my mother got when she lived in Fla. many years ago. I hope someone out there can help me. Thank You,

Unknown Salad

I had a salad at pot luck party-it contained pineapple pieces, bacon, onion, sweet green relish and Catalina dressing-i tried Kraft foods and they did not have such a recipe-can you help?

Will Wright's Macaroons

The wonderful ice cream chain in Los Angeles, Wil Wright's, used to serve a small macaroon with each fountain order. They were incredibly delicious, almond flavored, crisp outside/soft inside. The original Wright's parlors are long gone.
When I raised the question (for either recipe or source) on, one reader remembered them well, and said that the Los Angeles Country Club was the only place that she had found an apparently identical cookie. Other readers made me aware that almond "macarons" are not coconut based at all -- news to me -- and showed one recipe. Another reader recommended you, as a super sleuth for recipes.
I see that you have previously found one recipe for Turkish Macaroons, and several for Italian Amaretti cookies, all of which sound like they could be what I'm seeking. Are you able to connect the Wil Wright's recipe and/or the LACC recipe with any of the ones you've published?
Many thanks

Morrison's Cafeteria Meatloaf

am searching for the recipe for the Morrison's meatloaf and the Creole sauce it was so good and they are gone I have searched all I can with no luck

Quagmire's Restaurant, NC

Hoping you can help favorite restaurant in the Outer Banks of NC closed down, but before they did they gave away copies of their chicken enchilada recipe but they didn't put the amounts down for the ingredients so I can't recreate it...I'm hoping you can help me.
The restaurant was Quagmires and they were located in Nags Head/Kill Devils Hill/Outer Banks, NC
The chicken enchilada recipe included all shredded white meat chicken in some type of cream cheese and sour cream sauce and it was the most delicious thing I have ever had in my life.

Dandelion & Burdock

i was hoping you could help me find the traditional recipe for dandilion and burdock using traditional ingredients, as i will be foraging for these ingredients my self from the wild. i have found how to make dandilion and burdock beer but wisk to no the recipe for a simpler drink that i can make while in the wild.

Beans with Whiskey

I have tried to find this recipe for years. It was in a magazine in the 70's. Like Good Houskeeping. It used different kinds of canned beans, hamburger and it had 1/4 cup whiskey mixed in. It was topped off with a couple of green peppers and heated on the grill. That is all I remember. Thank You, Thank You in advance. If you find it, try it. Very good, got a lot of compliments.

Marinade for Beef

Thank you uncle Phaedrus for your help in the past. I'm looking for a recipe for marinating beef tips with one cup each of ketchup, (Coke) cola, and salad dressing. This maybe all the ingredient needed but I'm not sure. Hope you can find it for me.

Doyles Scrambled Hamburgers

do you have the recipe for doyle's scrambled hamburger from saginaw,mi.?

Pickled Cheese

As a younger man, I lived in the suburbs of Montreal. In the taverns of the time, we used to get a snack of piclked white cheese with crackers to eat while drinking a beer. I've looked on the web for recipes to make this pickled cheese and all I get back are for Feta cheese. I'm pretty sure that the cheese we used to get was a picled or brined white cheddar or farmers cheese. Please help me out if you can.
Best Regards,

Boiled Apple Dumplings

My great grandmother made the most wonderful boiled apple dumplings, but she went to her grave with the recipe. The pastry was so fluffy and.let me tell you what I know: Whole pared and cored apples wrapped in a pastry that we believe may had lard in it. The apple centers were filled with cinnamon, sugar and butter than wrapped in the pastry and put in a large pot of rapidly boiling water. She said she knew when they were done when they floated to the top. My grandmother passed away 2 years ago at age 94 and this was her mother's recipe. Every one in the family who can cook has tried to duplicate it butwith the same results..doughy uck, around wet apples. If you can help it would bring a flood of memories to my mother and her siblings and start new memories for us younger kids (I'm 50).

Tupperware Caramel Corn

hi there!
tupperware had a really ez caramel corn popcorn ball recipe using brown sugar, butter [or marg] and a few large marshmallows - you cooked it for a few specified minutes and poured it over popped corn in the big green bowl and shook it up while pounding on bowl - it was perfect every time. could you please help me find it????? i lost it yrs ago and have asked several people to no avail. thank you

Greased Knuckle Soup

Do you have a recipe for greased knuckle soup ? Thank you!

Spanish Marias

I just stumbled across your website today and, in fact, there is a recipe that I have been unable to find despite repeated stubborn attempts -- perhaps with your superior experience and, I'm sure, wiliness, you might be able to succeed where I have failed. It is a recipe to make my own Maria's, to which I became addicted after a year in Barcelona. Do you know these cookies/biscuits which can be bought in the Spanish-Latin section of good supermarkets or in any Mexican bodega, depending on where you live? ("Maria's" is both a brand and a generic name, much like "Kleenex.") The thing is, I fell in love with the whole wheat Maria's and my store only has Goya white Maria's, not the same thing at all! I've thought about trying to adapt a graham cracker recipe, but they're really so distinctive... Anyway, if you could take a quick gander I would be greatly appreciative.
Many thanks!
Anne Marie

Honey Velvet

I am looking for a recipe for Honey Velvet which is a dessert using gelatin, milk, junket tablet and honey. It was made in the 1940's-50's in Australia and may have come from a Davis Gelatin cookbook Hope you can help

PBS Italian Chicken

About 10-12 years ago I watched a show about Italy on PBS that also gave the ingredients and technique for making a dish using a local grape, lots & lots of garlic, olive oil, and perhaps a little wine and baked slowly. It could be served over chicken or it was a side dish. I made my own version of the dish and it was delicious. The grapes and garlic were slightly caramelized and the garlic sweet. Very different taste sensation. I lost my "recipe"and wonder if your skilled search could come up with the old show, recipe and technique. It would be greatly appreciated.

Blum's Potato Salad

Blum's restaurant in Berkeley and San Francisco served a wonderful potato salad. I had it at a part years ago, it was made by a former employee who was sworn to secrecy. No matter how persuasive I tried to be, I couldn't get the recipe from her. Do you know this recipe or do you perhaps have access to finding it? Every summer when I make potato salad, I wish I knew it!
Thanks for any and all help.

Cod for Breakfast

My mother deceased, came from Virginia. She used to make a breakfast similar to the cod(dinner) you replied to a lady with without tomatoes. This best i can recall was soaked-overnight, rinsed, parboiled, used boiled potatoes in the broth; , after it was done she cut a raw onion up and used bacon drippings and fatback with it on top. butter, salt and peppered to taste...Been a L O N G time?????? I appreciate your time, effort, and help... I searched the net but so far NOTTA???
Thank you... Mike

Onion Bread

I lost the original copy of this recipe years ago and have been searching in vain ever since. It is a yeast bread made in a 10" round pan and it was topped with sauteed onions and a sour cream, egg mixture and baked. Everyone loved this recipe and i would be thrilled to be able to add it back to my recipe collection if you could possibly find it. Thank- you very much,

Four Seasons Crispy Duck

Hi Phaedrus,
I am looking for the Four Seasons Restaurant Recipe for Crisp Farmhouse Duck with orange sauce, and thinly sliced crystallized orange peels. A waiter once told me that the chef cooked the orange peels in sugar no less than three times to get the crystallization just right....
I've never eaten more delicious duck than at The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC and would love to know how they do it!
I've googled and googled, checked the copy cat sites, and the food network, gourmet etc. sites to no avail. Can you help?
Thanks so much!

Prague Bakery

I am looking for a tea cookie recipe.The Prague Bakery where I grew up in Prague Oklahoma made these. It is a hard plain cookie with a big star of buttercream icing on top and they have always just called them tea cookies. Can you help me?
Thank You

Ginger Chicken

Thank you for your website which I just stumbled upon! You provide a wonderful service.
I don't think I can give you enough information for you to find a recipe that's been haunting me for a while, but please feel free to try. Here's what I remember.
ginger chicken
cut-up fryer or fryers
powdered ginger
cooking oil
(sorry - can't remember other ingredients, but I do remember there were quite a few)marinate overnight, dredge, fry, bake to finish
The recipe came from the (possibly mid/late-?) 1960s, from a woman's magazine (McCall's? Family Circle?) (I think I started making it when I was around 13; I was born in '53).It called for soaking the chicken in ginger and honey and other ingredients overnight. Then the chicken was dredged in a flavored flour mixture and pan-browned in oil. I believe that the recipe called for finishing it off by baking.
I sincerely thank you!

Cashew Nut Roast

HI, please can you help. i am loooking for a cashew nut roast recipe which had a middle filling of red pepper cheese and something ? The quanties used were for a 2 lb loaf tin in which half of the nut and breadcrumb with herbs and onions bound with egg and ?were put in, then a layer of red pepper, cheese, and some thing , covered with more nut mixture.
I am sorry but this is all i can remember and most of the reciepes on the net are not the right ones which show quanties for 2lb loaf tin. I do remember that very little oil was used and that it was roasted for approx 1 hour. I would appreciate any help that you could give me and must add that i have used your site to look for many tasty meals . thank you for your hard work.

Lexington Market

Hi Phaedrus,
I need your help. When I was growing up in the 60's and early 70's my Mom would take me with her to the Lexington Market in Baltimore City, Maryland for the family meat order. Sometimes as a treat she would buy me this great hamburger at Konstant's stall. It came with some type of sauce or gravy on was wonderful! I would love to get the recipe for the sauce!!!
Any help would be appreciated.
Happy Eating!
Thank You,

Sumner Schools

Dear Phaed,
I am 50 years old and went to the Sumner Schools (Washington State)in the 1960s. They served a bread like cake along side Chili. I cant remember the name of it..could have been raisin bread? It had raisins in it but no oatmeal and was the texture of a coffee cake. Was cut in rectangles about 3" x 4" and about 2" thick. Looked like it was baked cake style and then cut up. Really delicious. I have wrote to the school district and they have no idea. Can you help?

Stovetop Chicken Rolls

I am looking for the recipe that was on the back of the stove top canisters in the early 90's. The chicken was to be pounded flat.You added peppers, stove-top stuffing and pineapples and some things I can't recall. You put the filling on the chicken,rolled it up and put a toothpick in it to keep it closed.
I'm sorry, but that is all I remember, and it is not enough to make again. Please help, if you can.

Nordstrom Cafe

I was wondering if you have ever come across the recipe for Nordstrom Café White Chocolate Bread. It is a dense cake consistency which a crunchy top. Served with white chocolate sauce, raspberry coulis and white chocolate shavings. Nordstrom Café is a restaurant in some of the Nordstrom stores. I heard that the recipe is out there – that is was published in a cookbook now out of date.

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