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Woolworth's Cheese Pizza

Subject: Woolworth's Cheese pizza recipe
From: Letticia
Date: 1/18/2021, 8:37 AM

On 1/17/2021 10:21 PM, Letticia wrote:

Hi ! Happy 2021 . I am looking for the famous FW Woolworths Cheese 
or sausage pizza. As a kid this was a after school treat on the bus. 
I am always craving it. Please help. 
Sincerely Letticia from Chicago

Hi Letticia,

I have a page devoted to Woolworth recipes here: Woolworth's Recipes

Over the years, I have searched for Woolworth's cheese pizza and pizza sauce recipes more than once, including again today, but I have had no success. There are requests for that recipe on several message boards, but no one has it. See these posts:




I have a partial Woolworth's Kitchen Manual, but it is missing the pizza recipes.

There are a few people out there with complete copies of the Woolworth's Kitchen manual. Perhaps one of them will see your request on my site and be good enough to send me the recipe.


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