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Larry Blake's Salad Dressing

Subject: Larry Blakeís in Berkeley CA - salad dressing
From: Suzan
Date: 1/29/2021, 7:47 AM

On 1/28/2021 10:38 PM, Suzan wrote:

Hello! I attended Berkeley in the early 70ís and ate at Larry Blakeís a lot. 
Always got the salad. Last time I was able to go there before they closed, 
I scored several bottles and then they closed.

I know the recipe was a secret, but they are now closed. Can you get hold of 
it for me? I swear that I would not EVER divulge it to anyone. Can you do it??? 
Thank you! Suzan

Hi Suzan,

I searched for the "Salmagundi Sandwich" from Larry Blake's in 2017:†11-24-2017
and the "Cinemascope Sandwich" from there in 2019: 1-2-2019

At those times, I searched for any and all recipes from Larry Blake's. I found several posts on message boards by people trying to find that salad dressing recipe, but they weren't having any success and neither did I.† I searched again today for the salad dressing recipe or anything new at all regarding Larry Blake's, but again I had no success.

Sorry that I couldn't help. I'll post this. Perhaps one of my readers can assist.


Thank you so much! I read only a mob bossís wife in the 50s got it. 
What a loss! They could at least reproduce it again! They used to 
sell it in the cleaned out beer bottles. Should have taken it to a 
lab for analysis!!! Anyone who knows, let me know! I wonít tell the 
secret. Would sign an NDA! Thanks so much for your help, Phaedrus! 

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