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Italian Cookies

I get lots of requests for Italian cookie recipes, or for recipes for cookies that are sold in Italian bakeries. These are often difficult for several reasons:
1) Some cookies sold in Italian bakeries in the U.S. are really "Italian-American" cookies, not Italian cookies. These cookies were created by Italian families or Italian bakers in the U.S., not in Italy. Also, sometimes authentic Italian cookies may be sold under a different name at a particular bakery in the U.S.
2) In Italy, some cookies (and other dishes, too) are specific to certain regions. They may not be known all over Italy.
3) Some cookies are known by different names in different regions of Italy, sometimes even by different names in different families. Sometimes the same name refers to different cookies according to the region of Italy you're in.
4) The biggest obstacle in helping people find recipes for Italian cookies is that people often don't know the common name of the cookies. I have no way to search for a cookie by how it looks or tastes. Sorry.
5) Ingredients can vary slightly with the same basic cookie, particularly toppings. In one family, it might be traditional to dip a particular cookie in wine, in another family it might be the tradition to dip the same cookie in wine syrup, in another family they might be dipped in honey, and in others they might be coated with powdered sugar and not dipped in anything at all. Similarly, a little orange flavoring might be added in one family, anise in another family, almond in another, and nothing added in another family. Same thing with the shapes of the cookies - one family may make knots, one may fry them in ribbons, another in balls, etc. - all of them being the same basic cookie.
6) Something that you must keep in mind is that no one else may have called these cookies by exactly the same name that your grandmother or mother or aunt called them. No one else may have made these cookies exactly like your grandmother or mother or aunt made them. You may have to settle for something that's close, not exact.

Due to the numerous requests that I get for such things, I have set up this page, listing the Italian cookie recipes that I have searched for and found previously, with descriptions and links. Before you write with an Italian cookie request, please make use of this page to try to find your cookie.

These are the Italian Cookies that I have on the site:

If you know the name of the cookie, check the list above and search my site with the search feature before writing. There are lots of Italian cookie recipes on my site. If you don't know the name of the cookie, go here:
Italy Revisited Cookies without Nuts
Italy Revisited Cookies with Nuts
Italy Revisited Italian Fried Cookies & Fritters
Those pages are great for identifying an Italian cookie. There are photos and descriptions of dozens of Italian Cookies there. Perhaps you can determine which cookie you want from them.

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