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Dirty Ernie's Conch Chowder

I worked at Ernie’s  78-80. I worked upstairs in the patio. From what I remember 
their Bimini bread was real simple. They used Richs’ frozen white bread dough. 
They let it thaw until you could roll it out into about a 12 inch circle then 
sprinkled it with a liberal amount of white sugar. Then they rolled it like a 
jelly roll, tucked the ends under and put it in a loaf pan to proof then bake. 
They brushed the top with melted margarine. It was best served warm from the oven.



It would be nice to have that conch chowder recipe as well....


On 4/3/2023 7:55 PM, Jim wrote:

I have it at work. I’ll send it tomorrow 

On 4/4/2023 7:31 AM, Jim  wrote:


This should be what you are looking for. 


On Apr 5, 2023, at 5:23 AM, Phaedrus wrote:

Thanks, Jim!


Transcribed from Photo:

Conch Chowder

10#	Diced Potatoes		Par Boil
10# 	Celery		diced	saute lightly & set aside
10#	Onion		diced	saute lightly & set aside
 4#	Bell Pepper	diced	saute lightly & set aside
 5#	Conch		ground
 1#	Bacon Bits	(cooked weight)
 1	#10 can	Tomato Puree
2 	(2 oz btls) Tabasco
10#	chopped clams with juice
24 each	Bay Leaves
1 1/4oz	White Pepper
1 1/4oz	Thyme
 1	#10 can crushed tomatoes - approx. 6.5#
16 #5	Clam Juice	(Large pineapple juice size can - 46 oz)
1/2 btl	Pernod		(Licorice flavored liquor) 1/2 liter
2 - #10 cans Tomato Paste 7# per can x 2 = 14# total

No cooking instructions given - Simmer until conch is tender & done to taste?

For other conch chowder recipes, see: 5-18-2015

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