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Pizza Hut Thousand Island Dressing

Subject: Pizza Hut Thousand Island Salad Dressing
From: Ken
Date: 12/30/2022, 4:02 PM

On 12/30/2022 2:28 PM, Ken wrote:

Any sources for the recipe for Pizza Hut Thousand Island Salad Dressing?
Pizza Huts have been closing in my area.† This dressing has a very
distinctive flavor.† Thanks for your help.


Hi Ken,

Well, I can't find a recipe for this dressing that has good provenance. There is a copycat recipe on this site that you can try:

Video copycat recipe YouTube

I don't know what's meant by "sauce" here as opposed to "dressing", but there is a recipe for "Pizza Hutís Thousand Island sauce" here:† Pizza Hutís Thousand Island sauce

There's a photo of the dressing bottle with the ingredients list here: Pizza Hutís Thousand Island Dressing Bottle

A former employee of Pizza Hut says they use "Marzetti's Thousand Island Dressing.": Reddit

And look at this bottle! "Marzetti's Pizza Hut Thousand Island Dressing": Marzetti's Pizza Hut Thousand Island Dressing

I have previously found that Marzetti's makes salad dressings for several restaurant chains. Some restaurant employees have said that they were told by their company that if they ran out of a dressing supplied by their company that they could substitute Marzetti's.

I've seen posts from people who complained that they had difficulty finding Marzetti's dressings. I wonder if it's because they are looking in the wrong place in their supermarket? Marzetti's dressings are often placed in a separate display in the produce department instead of with the other salad dressings.

If I were craving Pizza Hut Thousand Island Dressing, I would try Marzetti's first. If it isn't quite right, try to figure out which ingredient is missing. Marzetti may make Pizza Hut Thousand Island Dressing, but vary it slightly from their own dressing at Pizza Hut's request.


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