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California Ham Spice

From: Maureen 
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 1:02 PM
Subject: Re California Ham spice

I have some California ham spice but no instructions with it.  I know it needs 
dark brown sugar added to it but have no idea of the portions, or how long to brine.  
I would appreciate any help you can give me.  The more info the better.


Hello Maureen,

A cool thing about the Internet is that you can find photos of things like this with the label on the package readable. See these:

PS Seasoning

Sausage maker Supplies

Allied Kenco

Walton's Inc

You can read the package instructions for using California Ham Spice on those sites. I didn’t find any mention anywhere of having to add brown sugar to it. I think that would depend on which ham curing recipe that you use. It’s not necessarily required.

If you need more information about ham curing in general, see these sites:

Curing Ham

Bay Gourmet

The Smoke Ring


School Cafeteria Turkey and Gravy

From: Steph
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 8:27 PM
To: 'Phaedrus' 
Subject: RE: Henry's Drive-In


Thank you so much for the kind and quick response.  And thank you for the article!  
I do remember Henry’s so fondly – a family of very little means was able to have a 
nice meal out.  The waitresses/car hops were always so friendly.  
And I still remember the motion of the waitresses turning the screw on the metal 
trays securely so our food would stay level.  Dad’s tray was always put on his 
steering wheel… and the hamburgers were SO good.

I do thank you so much for bringing back a memory for me.  I may have loved their 
hamburgers, but my mom never failed to order their CHICKEN!  
I had forgotten that and it brought tears to my eyes to remember how much she 
loved their chicken.  Papa always had their “chile size”.  
To this day, I’m not sure what the word “size” meant but that’s what he ordered – 
and a root beer or a malt/shake.  

Thank you for helping me remember.  How I miss them, and your answer and the 
article brought back a lot of very fond memories.  

Again, your website is fabulous.  I found you when someone posted the Los Angeles 
School District’s CRUMB CAKE recipe.  I remembered marvelous food from my Junior 
High School.  And one of them was their crumb cake.  The internet is amazing, and 
I dearly love finding sites like yours.  It’s not just recipes, it’s memories.

My favorite all time food from Thomas Star King Junior High School (Los Feliz area 
of Los Angeles) were two things. One was the CINNAMON ROLLS they sold every 
morning during the recess period.  I have never found cinnamon rolls like that since.  
They were perfect, and only 25cents, I think (or less).  The other was a simple GRAVY 
My best friend and I ate that once a week.  The gravy was amazing – you’re not going 
to see anything like that in a jar on store shelves. It must have been some kind of 
reduction gravy, but it was just perfect.  The turkey bits were good little bites of turkey 
and the mashed potatoes, if I recall right, were real.  I know movies make fun of school 
cafeteria food, but I remember most of it so fondly.

Thank you again for the generosity of your site – for sharing what you find with all of us.  

Mahalo nui loa!

Los Angeles

Hi Steph,

Thank you for the kind words. I’m happy that I was able to stimulate your memories. I suppose the quality of school lunches varied considerably from state to state and from school to school. When I was growing up, the school cafeteria lunches were so bland that, as soon as I was able, I started going off-campus for lunch. The only time our school cafeteria produced good food was on “Parents’ Night”. Hmmmm...

I wonder if you have seen the index to the school cafeteria recipes that I have found? It’s here:

School Cafeteria Recipes

I do have a cinnamon/sweet roll recipe from LA Schools. Scroll down the page here:


There is a school cafeteria turkey & gravy recipe here:

Cafeteria Turkey


Blue Cheese Dressing with Whipped Cream

From: Adeline 
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 7:13 PM
Subject: Request for Blue Cheese Dressing Made with Whipped Cream

Phaedrus, I have looked, looked and looked for this recipe and have been unable to find it.  
I got the recipe from the old, old AOL message boards; it was contributed by a member 
of the board. It had, of course, blue cheese, whipped whipping cream, salt, and I can’t 
recall what else. I don’t recall it having mayo in it, but it may have.  It was the best blue 
cheese dressing I have ever had. I used to get asked for the recipe all the time, but those 
I gave it to no longer can locate it.  

I am hoping you can find this recipe for me.


Hello Adeline,

I could not find a blue cheese dressing recipe with whipped cream that said it was from an AOL message board. There are blue cheese dressing recipes with whipped cream on these sites, and there is one below (although it doesn’t call for salt):

All Recipes

Cycling Forums

I Food

Someone requested this same recipe on the “Recipe Secrets” message board over a year ago. Was that you? See:

Recipe Secrets

Adeline, if none of these is the recipe that you want, then my experience tells me that you are not going to find this recipe by it’s AOL association. It’s not going to say “this recipe is from an AOL message board.”

If it’s on the Internet at all, then it’s going to take something unique, such as a more detailed description, to locate it and identify it as being the correct recipe. If it’s not any of the recipes that have been offered to you, then what about them is incorrect? Details like that are what helps identify the correct recipe.

Without such details, it will only be a lucky happenstance if one of my readers happens to have the recipe and remembers that they got it from an AOL message board.


Blue  Cheese  Dressing

1 cube blue cheese
1 tbsp. white vinegar
1/2 pt. whipping cream
3 tbsp. mayonnaise

  Whip cream.  Stir in mayonnaise.  Crumble cheese.  
  Add cheese and vinegar.  Mix well.  Serves 4. 

The Bakery's Bow Tie Cookies

-----Original Message----- 
From: Nana
Sent: Monday, May 27, 2013 3:55 PM
Subject: Bow tie Cookie

The Bakery sells these light as a feather Bow-tie cookies covered in
crystalized sugar.  They are a rectangle about 3" x 1" that you hold the
end & twist one end over, dunk both sides in the sugar, and bake.  They
may be Phylo pastry dunked in sugar but I don't know & have never seen a
recipe for them.  Do you know how to make them?     Jean 

Hello Jean,

I had no success finding a recipe specifically from a bakery called "The Bakery", if that's what you mean.

Bowtie, Bow Knot, or Knot Cookies are fried cookies that may be shaped like bowties or knots or balls or other shapes. They may be dipped in honey or wine syrup or coated with powdered sugar. Nearly every country in Europe has some sort of recipe for something like "bow tie cookies". I have several recipes on my site. See these pages:

- Croatian Hrstula

- Italian Bowtie Cookies - Several versions.

- Hungarian Bowtie cookies - Mushkazone

- Hungarian Bowtie cookies - Mushkazone

- Polish Bowtie Cookies - Kruschiki - Chrushiki

- Slovak Bowtie Cookies - Cheregies

- Norwegian fattigman

- Norwegian fattigman

- Wands

- Wandies

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