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Gambino's Caramel Doberge Cake Squares

Re: Caramel Doberge Cake
From: Cam
Date: 8/26/2023, 5:57 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 8/25/2023 5:13 PM, Cam wrote:

Gambinos Bakery Caramel layered cake squares 

Hello Cam,

I think that what you are referring to is the Gambino's Caramel Doberge Cake Squares. See: Gambino's Other Treats

I believe these are just a variation on Gambino's Classic Caramel Doberge Cake. They appear to make these for customers who want Doberge cake, but don't want to buy an entire cake. Rather than a tall, six layer classic Doberge cake, they probably make this in only two layers in a sort of large pan like a sheet cake pan and then cut it in squares to be sold individually. (Just speculating, I don't know for sure how they make it...)

Problem is, they don't give out their recipe for either kind of Caramel Doberge Cake, and there doesn't seem to be a copycat recipe for it anywhere.

Possibly the closest you're going to get is to find a generic caramel Doberge cake recipe and adapt it to two layers in a flat, rectangular pan. Most of the recipes that are on the web are for chocolate or lemon doberge cakes. There's one here for caramel: Caramel Pecan Doberge Cake

There's more on Doberge cakes on these sites:

New Orleans Doberge Cake

Beulah Ledner

NOLA Doberge Cake

I will post this for reader input


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