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Van de Kamp's Bakery Update

Re: Van de Kamp's Update
From: Jeanne
Date: 9/14/2023, 7:46 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 9/14/2023 3:02 AM, Jeanne wrote:


Please add me to your mailing list, and I've requested to be added on Facebook.

Also, do you have the recipe to those van de kamps Birthday cake recipe? And Frosting? 
I remember those cakes only came in yellow, pink or blue writing and flowers. I used 
to buy one every 2 weeks at Lucky supermarket back in the day because that's before 
stores had bakeries and made ready to order Birthday cakes.

Thank you
My name is Jeanne 

Hello Jeanne,

Sorry, I do not have a mailing list and I do not have the birthday cake recipe. The recipes that I have are all copycats. See my Van de Kamp's page here: Van de Kamp's Bakery

For good Van de Kamp's info and recipes, you should check these pages:

Van de Kamp's Bakery on Facebook

Kathryn Van de Kamp is making and selling Van de Kamp cakes & pastries made from her grandfather's actual recipes. See these sites:

Van de Kamp's Bakery on Instagram

The New Van de Kamp's Bakery

George Geary has the actual Van de Kamp's recipes and is modifying them for home use and posting them on his blog. See his site:

George Geary Ccp

George Geary's Blog


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