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Lib's Pickles

Subject: Lib's Pickles and 14-Day Pickles
From: Hayden 
Date: 9/27/2023, 2:47 PM
To: Phaedrus 


Seeing the post about Full Sour Pickles from Howard on 9/23/2023 
on your website reminded me of a fun recipe from the 1990’s from 
my hometown. I’ll send it & hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s made 
overnight for 1 night & delicious.

Lib’s Pickles (appx. 1995) 
(Lib Jones, Oak Hill, Ohio, Festival of Flags Cookbook.)

1 qt. dill pickles
1 qt sour pickles 
    (I just use half-sour pickles. That’s all I can find.They’re great.)
6-7 small onions
1 qt. sugar

Drain juice from jars. Do not keep.

Clean jars.

Slice pickles and onions thinly. Place in a large bowl.

Stir in sugar, cover for 24 hours. Place mixture back into cleaned jars. 
Chill and serve. 
Store refrigerated.

Makes delicious, sweet, crisp pickles.

Subject: 14-Day Pickles
From: Hayden 
Date: 10/2/2023, 1:19 AM
To: Phaedrus 

Hello again,

This is one of my Mom’s pickle recipes. This was her supreme favorite one. 
Mom couldn’t wait to get to make batch every couple of years. It is one of 
the best things I have ever eaten on the planet. 
The pickles are sweet, crisp, tangy.

I grew up on a big dairy farm in Ohio. I ate these pickles several times 
as a young person. I haven’t had them since 1990 or so when I was 23 or 
24 years old. 

As a child or teenager, I or my 2 older sisters ended up having a crock 
or 5-gallon bucket of these pickles sitting in our bedrooms somewhere 
during the 14-day production process, covered with a dinner plate. 
They would probably be quite expensive nowadays to try to buy them in 
a grocery store.

14 Day Pickles (Ruth Lloyd, 1950’s)

very very great (best I’ve ever eaten)

3 1/2 qts cucumbers
1 c coarse salt 
2 qts boiling water
1 tsp alum
4 c vinegar + 1 c water
3 c sugar
1 1/2 tsp celery seeds
4 sticks cinnamon
1 1/2 c sugar

Wash cucumbers-slice & place in crock.

Prepare brine by dissolving salt in boiling water, pour over cucumbers… 
Weigh cucumbers down 
so that brine covers cucumbers on top…Let stand 1 week.

On 8th day drain…Pour 2 qts. Boiling water over cucumbers… 
Let stand 24 hrs.

On 9th day drain…pour 2 qts fresh boiling water mixed with alum… 
Let stand 24 hrs.

On 10th day drain…pour 2 qts boiling water…Let stand 24 hrs.

On 11th day drain…Combine vinegar, 3 c sugar, celery seeds & 
cinnamon sticks…Heat to boiling & pour over cucumbers.

For next 3 days drain keeping the liquid…Reheat this liquid each day 
adding 1/2 c sugar each time…
After the last heating, on the 14th day, pack pickles into hot pint jars.

Remove cinnamon sticks…Pour boiling hot vinegar liquid over pickles… 
Adjust lids at once…
Process in canner 5 mins. Makes 5-6 pints.

Maybe someone out there will have the time to make them. 
You’d probably like them.


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