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Hot Dog, Chili Dog, Coney Island and Texas Hots Recipes

This is one of the hottest topics on my site, particularly the chili sauces. Once people find a coney or Texas hot or chili dog sauce that they like, they are fiercely loyal to it and pine for it if they can't get it anymore.

Many chili sauces for hot dogs started out as what is called a "Greek" style sauce. A lot of the original purveyors of hot dogs with chili were of Greek origin, and they developed the original special chili sauces from Greek & Macedonian sauces used for pasta(Saltsa Kema). The problem for you and me is that Coney Island sauces are usually "secret recipes". You just can't find the recipes. The owners of such places jealously guard their recipes. The recipe is often handed down within families or is sometimes sold. The owners quite often make the sauce themselves in big batches, and they won't even tell their employees the recipe. Sometimes the recipe dies with the owner.

As for "copycat recipes", chili sauces for hot dogs usually contain multiple spices, and that makes it difficult to create a copycat recipe for them. Here are the ones that I have found:

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