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Woolworth's Egg Salad

Woolworth's Egg Salad 
to make 1 pint

Hard boiled eggs		6 only
Green peppers or pimentos	1/2 oz
Sweet relish			1 oz
Salad Dressing			3 oz
Salt 				1/4 tsp

Chop (do not grind) eggs and peppers or pimentos. 
Mix well with relish, salt and salad dressing.

Woolworth's Ham Salad

Woolworth's Ham Salad
to make 1 quart

Rath Pressed Ham *		1 lb
Prepared mustard		1/2 oz
Salad Dressing			8 oz
Sweet relish			7 oz

With a sharp knife, cut ham into 1/4 inch cubes. Do not grind or mince.
Combine ham with other ingredients and mix well.

* The Rath brand is no longer available. Pressed ham is ham that has 
been de-boned and then pressed together.It's often sold in a roll or 
loaf, or it may be sold sliced into individual slices. A canned ham 
may be used in this recipe as well.

Woolworth's Salmon Salad

Woolworth's Salmon Salad
for 30 ozs.

Salmon - medium red		1 #1 can

Drain salmon, remove any skin and bones, and break into small pieces.

Celery - cleaned		8 oz

Chop fine and add to salmon.

Lemon juice			1 oz
Salad dressing			8 oz

Combine, add to above and mix until well blended.

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