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Gimbel's Tasty Town Cheesecake

From: joe 
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2017 5:52 PM
Subject: Mayfair Gimbel's Tasty Town

do you have a copy of their cheesecake recipe? it was unbaked, fluffy and made with dry cottage, 
and maybe no cream cheese.  it had a hint of lemon flavor.  it was lovely.

they also had what they called their cheese torte, which would put most people in mind of a 
baked cheese cake.  it had fruit in it.  this isn't the recipe I'm looking for.


Hello Joe,

Sorry, no luck with this. I found some nostalgic comments about it, and a couple of other requests for the recipe, but no recipe.

There is a book called “Gimbels Has It!” by Michael J. Lisicky that has some Gimbels recipes in it. I tried to find a list of those recipes without success. has the book, but I’d go to the library and check their copy before I spent the money.

I’ll post this for reader input


that's probably the book I bought last year, and gave to a sister for a birthday present.  it has a 
few recipes, but not the cheesecake.  some time back, I had found a thread for it, and can't find it 
now, that I want to, you know?  and the way the web has changed, you can't not bring up the same stuff 
over and over again, and never see what you want.  and it's not going to get better . . . 

thanks for looking . . .

Franke's Cafeteria Spinach au Gratin

From: Samantha 
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2017 3:56 PM
Subject: Request for Spinach Au Gratin Recipe

In 2011, I had the fortunate experience of a client assignment downtown in Little Rock, Arkansas.  
Lots of great restaurants in the area, and we fell in love with Franke's Cafeteria. Every Wednesday 
for 9 months, we would go to Franke's Cafeteria downtown at lunchtime for "meat and two veg" and 
honestly, I can't remember what I ordered for a main course but I was blown away by the spinach au 
gratin.  The staff were amused by my "two veg" always being spinach au gratin and they were so 
tickled to have this Chicago woman so enthusiastic about the dish that the portions got bigger and 
bigger and bigger as the weeks went on.  I don't know how much weight I gained, but we never failed 
to go to the same restaurant for lunch on every Wednesday.  One of my colleagues was also fixated on 
the Strawberry Pie!

It's six years' later and I still think about how kind the staff was and how amazing the Spinach au 
Gratin was, but I can't find a recipe for it.  Yes, it's Southern with spinach and cheese and cream 
but I've never seen anything about the whole hard boiled eggs bobbing around in that luscious sauce, 
and that's how I know all the recipes I've seen were wrong.  Frankly, have a little salad with this 
dish and you don't need anything else the rest of the day! (Except maybe a quickly heated up midnight 

I am really hoping you can help me.  Beside the fact that I miss it, one of my colleagues is a 
vegetarian, and I was bragging on how amazing the dish was and she said she'd like to make it, too.

Can't thank you enough if you can help me!!!


Hi Samatha,

Sorry, I had no success locating this recipe from Franke’s Cafeteria. There is a copy of Franke’s menu here: Franke's Cafeteria Menu

A review of Franke’s on “Yelp” describes the dish this way: “Old school creamed spinach with hard-boiled eggs and bread crumbs.” See: Yelp!

I will post this for reader input. In the meantime, you might be interested in these recipes, which might be similar:

Spinach au Gratin with Hard Boiled Eggs

Swiss Spinach and Egg au Gratin

The key to getting close to the Franke’s dish is probably going to be the type of cheese used, as well as the sauce. I’ve seen recipes with several different cheeses, including longhorn, Swiss, Gruyere, and cheddar. The eggs are pre-cooked, so you can add them in whatever fashion you choose. Years ago, my Southern school cafeteria just sliced them thinly and put a small amount on top of each serving.


DH Holmes Cookies

From: ann 
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2017 11:27 AM
Subject: DH Holmes Cookies

Hello Phaedrus! Thank you for all the wonderful lost recipes of past. Do you have any DH Holmes or any old 
Cookie recipes? I'm 65 years old and loved and presently miss all the Woolworth's Donuts and all the Hotels 
around Canal Street sweets.

Thank you so much! Mrs. Ann

Hello Ann,

The DH Holmes recipes that I have found are listed and linked here: DH Holmes
I’m afraid there are no cookies among them. I will be glad to search for DH Holmes cookie recipes for you, but you would need to be specific as to which cookie.

The Woolworth’s recipes that I have found are listed and linked here: Woolworth's

The Woolworth’s donuts recipe is here: Woolworth's Donuts

You might also be interested in the McKenzies’ Bakery recipes that are listed and linked here: McKenzie's

I have a large database of recipes from New Orleans, but you would need to tell me the name of the hotel and the name of the sweet because that is how they are filed.


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