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Chocolate Celebration Cake

On 12/27/2021 8:05 AM, Jeannie wrote:

I am looking for a chocolate cake that had cherries inside and chocolate bark 
on the top.  I made this in the earlyish 2000ís.  It was on the cover of a 
magazine.  Maybe Taste of Home.  Thank you.

Hello Jeannie,

Was it a "Black Forest Cake"? See:† Taste of Home Chocolate


Re: Chocolate cake
From: Jeannie 
Date: 12/28/2021, 9:09 AM

Thanks Phaed. Unfortunately not. All of the icing was chocolate. The bark on top 
was jagged and upright. Not sure about the magazine. My daughter saw it at my 
motherís house and asked me to make it for her Christmas birthday. Ever since 
then I try to make an unusual cake for her on her birthday. This year I made a 
cookbook with most of the recipes I have made over the years. But we canít find 
this one. †Thank you for your help!

Hi Jeannie,

I went through dozens of "Taste of Home" magazine covers, and I did not find any at all with jagged and upright pieces of chocolate bark on top.

Then, I went through dozens of photos of chocolate cake photos on the web with cherries inside and chocolate bark on top. I could not find a single chocolate cake photo with upright pieces of chocolate bark on top.

All I can do now is to post this on my site for input from my readers.


Re: Chocolate cake
From: Jeannie 
Date: 12/28/2021, 12:19 PM

I just found a picture of the cake that I made. †Apparently cherries might not 
have been involved. And my memory of the bark was wrong. Thank you for your help!
Subject: Chocolate-Strawberry Celebration Cake Recipe: How to Make It
From: Jeannie 
Date: 12/28/2021, 12:32 PM

Found it!
Chocolate Strawberry Celebration Cake

I'm glad you found it. I would never have found it from the description. The photo with the recipe has strawberries and chocolate pudding, and it has a melted semi-sweet chocolate topping. Oh well, just goes to show how unreliable our memories really are at times.


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