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Fresno Bee Greek Chicken

Subject: Fresno Bee Greek Chicken
From: Dallas
Date: 1/31/2020, 10:04 AM

On 1/30/2020 10:34 PM, Dallas wrote:

Hello I'm looking for a Greek chicken recipe that was posted in the Fresno Bee 
newspaper late 70's or 80's recipe consist of paprika salt pepper garlic and 
I'm missing some ingredients of course I know none of the measurements I believe 
oregano was also another ingredient. Maybe lemon. This chicken is either grilled 
again not sure chicken breast with bones... Anyway if you could locate that would 
be awesome! Thanks in advance

Hi Dallas,

Sorry, I had no success finding a Greek chicken recipe from the Fresno Bee with those ingredients.

I'll post this for reader input.


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