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Kanpai Tokyo

From: Cathy 
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 11:31 AM
Subject: Need 2 Recipes

I am looking for the Cream Cheese Pudding recipe served at Kan Pai Tokyo Restaraunts.  I understand they are no longer serving it. 

I am also looking for their Mustard salad dressing recipe.  I love it!




Hello Cathy,

Sorry, I had no success locating either of these recipes. They do not appear to be available to the public.


Hot Coffee Ice Cream Soda

From: Charles 
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2012 11:32 AM
Subject: Hicks Hot Coffee Ice Cream Soda

Do you have the recipe which Hicks Ice Cream Parlor used years ago to make a hot coffee ice cream soda?  

If so, would appreciate same.

Thank you.


Hello Charlie,

Sorry, I donít have it, and I could not find any mention of it at any source.


Straw Hat Pizza

From: Lori 
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 1:33 AM
Subject: Help me love this pizza dough!

I'm looking for Straw Hat's Deep Dish Pizza recipe from the 1980's era. It is the most wonderful dough for making apple cinnamon rolls, 
(shh don't tell, THAT"S where all those missing dough shells went.....)  I used to be an asst. mgr., never got over that great dough, 
I am craving it, can't duplicate it no matter how hard I try! I appreciate your help, thanks, 

Hello Lori,

The wording of your request made me think that either Straw Hat Pizza had gone out of business or had stopped making deep dish pizza. I found that neither was true, so I was a little confused by your request. Are you saying that the dough that they used in the 1980s was different than the dough that they use now? You must explain Ė Straw Hat Pizza is mostly a West Coast chain, and mostly California at that. There are very few of them on the Eastern side of the Mississippi River, so most of us in the East arenít familiar with the dough they use now, much less the dough that they used in the 1980s. If I found a recipe for Straw Hat Deep Dish pizza dough, how would I know whether it was a recipe for the 1980s dough or one for the dough they use now? Sorry, but you can understand my dilemma. I did read that the Straw Hat chain was bought by Pizza Hut in the 1980s. Maybe thatís why the dough changed, if it did.

Straw Hat Pizza website

Straw Hat Pizza blog

That said, I can only find one recipe for any of their dough at all, and it appears to be a copycat for their thin crust, which is what they are famous for. See:

Betty Confidential

I suspect that many pizza chains have their dough made at a central location and shipped to the individual stores, or else they get some sort of pre-made dough mix from the corporation and just add water to make up the dough at the stores. If they made the dough from scratch at the individual stores, then Iíd expect an assistant manager would know the recipe? If it was a pre-made dough or mix, then only someone at the supplier location would know any sort of recipe, and even then it would be a commercial recipe for making huge batches at a time, not a recipe that could be used in your kitchen at home. I did search for a recipe, but I had no success at all other than the link above. The 1980s were well before the World Wide Web, which somewhat reduces the chances of finding a copycat recipe for that particular dough.

Sorry that I couldnít be of more help. Iíll post this in case a reader has some input.


I'm sorry, since I am an old "Straw Hatter" , I was a little to vague  for  those not "in the know"! 
I worked there from 1978 to 1982, lastly as an asst.mgr. in the Pleasanton, Livermore, Citrus Heights, and Tully rd., San jose locations.
It was a special square shaped pan that can only be described as the old heavy skillets were from much further back in time. 
It produced a wonderfully golden crust...I did also contact Straw Hat and have been contacted by a franchise owner of two 
local restaurants.Thanks so much for your time and research on this, I actually found out that this owner also thought this 
was the best crust ever, as he started a year before I did, way back in 1977 at Straw Hat, so he has promised to do his best 
to recover the recipe and see if all the ingredients are still available.

Horn & Hardart Sticky Buns

----Original Message----- 
From: Stephanie
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2012 1:59 AM
Subject: Horn and Hardart's Sticky Buns

My name is Stephanie and my dad (born 1916) was from Philadelphia. 
After he moved to Boston in 1952, he made frequent trips back to Philly to 
visit family...upon his return he was always armed with several boxes of 
Horn and Hardart's Sticky Buns.  They are such a fond memory of my childhood 
and I would love to have the recipe.  I notice you have listed among the 
recipes you have not been able to locate one called "honey buns".  I am not 
sure this is the same thing.  First, my dad always called them "sticky buns" 
and second, I hate honey.  I would be surprised if that great, gooey stuff 
on top was honey.  I have searched the internet a few times only looking for 
the Horn and Hardart recipe...I have not even looked at any other recipes. 
I'm far too fat to be baking a pan of sticky buns every other day just to 
have it not be right!

If you ever locate this recipe, I would be forever grateful.  I would love 
to pass it on to my son.  And, thank you, thank you, thank have 
the Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffin recipe!  Yahoo!  I have been looking for 
years for that!  We only went to Jordan's at the holidays.  When I was 
little, my mom would take me to Boston.  In addition to the magical 
mechanical Christmas scenes in the windows, we'd get a blueberry muffin. 
When the North Shore Shopping Center was built in Peabody and Jordan's was 
the anchor, we started going there.  The Christmas lights were better, but I 
never had another muffin!  I can now pass this on!

Thank you for all your hard work.  I'm sure you are making a lot of us baby 
boomers happy (and slightly more rotund) with the recipes for our favorite 
childhood goodies!


Hi Stephanie,

Sorry, I had no success finding the H & H sticky buns recipe. Keep checking the site occasionally in case it turns up.

I'm glad you enjoy the site.

(A baby boomer, too)

From: Robyn 
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2012 8:06 PM
Subject: Horn and Hardart sticky bun recipe 2/17/12

Someone requested a recipe for sticky buns without honey. My grandmother made sticky buns without honey. 
We would place light brown sugar in the bottom of the pan and just add water. You just moisten the brown sugar. 
I don't have an exact ratio for brwon sugar water though. It may take a couple attempts before they get the ratio right. 
Then place the rolled up dough on top and bake.  Another option would be to substitute the honey with agave syrup or light corn syrup.  

Hi Robyn,

I appreciate the effort, but Stephanie isnít looking for just any sticky buns recipe without honey. She makes it quite clear that she is only interested in the Horn & Hardart recipe or a close copycat for the Horn & Hardart recipe. See what she says in her e-mail:

ď I have searched the internet a few times only looking for the Horn and Hardart recipe...I have not even looked at any other recipes. I'm far too fat to be baking a pan of sticky buns every other day just to have it not be right!Ē

I would not send her a recipe unless the sender had actually eaten Horn & Hardart sticky buns and could honestly say that the recipe they were sending was ďjust like the ones from Horn & Hardart.Ē


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