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Sheet Black Bottom Cupcakes

From: Olga 
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 5:41 PM

I'm looking for a recipe for black bottom cups that are make in a sheet pan.  
Like a 9 x 13.  Do you have something like that?  thank you Olga

Hello Olga,

Sorry, no luck with a black bottom cups recipe that says use a sheet pan. They all call for muffin tins. You need the muffin tin to maintain the shape of the cupcakes.

However, there is a method of making cupcakes using a sheet pan and canning lids to hold the muffin cups. See here for the method and photos:

Bulk Muffins

This allows you to make more cupcakes at a time without a lot of muffin tins. You could use this method with the black bottom cupcake recipe of your choice.


Hough Bakery Chicken Salad Roll-ups

From: Juanita
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2013 11:58 PM
Subject: chicken salad rollups

Dear Phaedrus;

When Hough Bakery in Cleveland was in its prime, one of their best canapes was a chicken salad rollup.
They used white bread and the chicken as its filler. They were the BEST.  There was a special ingredient 
in there that you immediately tasted and knew this was different and delicious. I surely wish that before 
Robbie Pile died (he was a very special friend of ours and we had dinner in his home many times), I had 
asked him for this recipe, but I didn't.  

Can you possibly locate it?  I know Kraft bought all their recipes.  Thank goodness Archie's Bakery can 
still make their outstanding cakes and more.

Thank you so much.


Hi Juanita,

Sorry, I had no success with this. Itís not on the Internet. I have Robert Pileís book ďMenu Planning for Every Occasion", and itís not in there. I also have a pamphlet of Robertís recipes published by a Cleveland Nursing Home, and itís not in that, either.

The Hough Bakery recipes that I have found are here: Hough Bakery


Helms Bakery Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

-----Original Message----- 
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2013 10:59 PM
Subject: Helm's Bakery truck oatmeal raisin cookies

Looking for the oatmeal cookie that probably had molasses in it as it was a 
deep rich color and slightly chewy.  That and the Neapolitan sugar cookie 
that was 1/3 pink, 1/3 chocolate, and 1/3 vanilla.

Any clues would be much appreciated


Hello Suzanne,

I have been looking for Helms Bakery recipes for at least 10 years, and the only ones that I have found are linked here: Helms Bakery

They are very few, and even those appear to be copycats. It appears that no other Helms Bakery recipes are available.


Sunbeam Bakery in Morgantown NC

From: sandra 
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 4:21 AM
Subject: Sunbeam bakery

My name is Sandra. I ran across your website looking for custard pie  recipe ( I  really enjoy your website).

  I grew up in Morganton NC  through the 60's and 70's.  I lived in Morganton until I join the USAF in 1981.  
Even though, I  have lived all over the world and went to some of the world's most famous restaurant  and bakeries; 
nothing I have ever came across comes close to these 4 pastries .   
One of my fondness memories of going downtown Morganton was to the small  Sun Beam Bakery  in the corner across 
from  Woolworth's.  They had the best  cake squares  and Cheese star/straw.  Every baby shower or wedding shower  
and even to my cousin wedding reception in Lincolnton  the cheese straws and cake squares.
My favorite was a  cookie date bar on top was a creamy coconut mixture like the middle of the almond joy,  
the whole bar was covered in a light milk chocolate.  My sister  would always get the crunchy peanut butter bar 
also cover in milk chocolate. The peanut butter bar was like a fudge but not sweet.  Over the years I have ask 
every time I go "home" and researched church cookbooks from home for these  4 recipes( date bar, cheese straw/star/ 
cake squares and peanut butter bar.  
Do you think  maybe you could find these recipes 

Hello Sandra,

I ask that people not send more than one request per e-mail. Multiple requests are fine, but each should be in a separate e-mail. Thanks.

I cannot find any recipes or even a mention of, a Sunbeam Bakery in Morgantown, NC. You must understand that a bakeryís recipes almost never get put on the Internet. The bakery recipes that one sees on the web are almost always copycat recipes.

I cannot find any mention of the coconut custard pie from Freedom High School in Morgantown, NC. I did find a couple of mentions of the school, but no mentions of the pie.

There are date bar and cheese straw and peanut butter bar recipes on my site. I can find cake square recipes for you if you like, but they wonít be Sunbeam Bakery recipes, and I have no way of knowing whether they would taste similar.

Sorry that I canít be of more help.


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