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Bolognese Star Bread

From: Betsy 
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 10:38 AM
Subject: bolognese star bread

Looking for a recipe for Bolognese star bread.


Hello Betsy,

Here’s what I found about “Bolognese star bread”....

Beware - If you do a search on Google for “Bolognese star bread”, you’ll get a couple of pages of "hits”, but these sites are all malware sites according to my malware detector software. There is no recipe on those sites.

The bread recipe is Italian, but it’s not particularly Bolognese, although some people say they had it in Bologna, Italy. However, “star bread” appears to be an alias. It’s not called “star bread” in Italy, nor is it called “star bread” in most places in the U.S. From various clues, it actually appears to be “Italian twist bread”. It is only called “star bread” in a few bakeries on the Northeast, mainly in Massachusetts. The name “star bread” and the alternate shaping appear to be a bit of local Italian Bakery creativity.

People have been looking for this recipe on various message boards with no success:

Hillbilly Housewife

The Fresh Loaf

Epicurious 1

Epicurious 2

The “star bread” recipe on this site does not appear to be the same thing at all: IFood

I searched for this recipe before, back in 2005. See: Star Bread/Twist Bread.
There is a “Sicilian Twist Bread" recipe given there.

There is also an Italian Twist Bread recipe on this site: Taste of Home
Anyone who wants to make “star bread” can probably make it with that recipe by merely making star shapes with the dough instead of twists as pictured.



-----Original Message----- 
From: Eleanor 
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 8:23 PM
Subject: twinkie

Hi I am searching for a twinkie recipe.  the ones i have made seem to
be too heavy.  I think, but i could b e wrong, that chocolatier
magazine had an article on hostess and included a recipe for them.
I'm sure it had a recipe for delicious hostess cupcakes.  Can you help
me find a recipe that is spongy like the orginal?


Hello Eleanor,

Sorry, I could not locate any twinkies recipe from Chocolatier.

I am not a pastry chef, and I cannot tell by looking at a recipe whether and to what degree it will produce a spongy cake.

There are recipes for twinkie copycats on these sites that might work for you:

Homecooking at

The Cooking Photographer

Recipe Helpers


Woolworth's Peach Pie

From: Charlene 
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 12:45 PM
Subject: Woolworth's Fresh Peach Pie


I’ve been looking for years for an authentic Woolworth’s Fresh Peach Pie recipe.  This pie was available in the summer time. 
My mom would buy whole pies and bring them home.  It was made with fresh peaches and gelatin in a pie crust with whipped cream.  
I’ve tried other gelatin, peach pies but it never comes out the same.


Hello Charlene,

Sorry, I had no success locating this recipe. You might try using this recipe from Kresge’s, using peaches:

Kresge's Fruit Pies


Hello, this is Hayden in hot Cincinnati. 
Maybe this recipe will help Charlene from June, 04, 2012.
She wrote that the Woolworth's peach pies had fresh peaches and gelatin in a pie crust with whipped cream. 
This old family recipe from Aunt Jean has the same thing, maybe. I never had the Woolworth's fresh peach pies, but here is this recipe, anyway. 
It is delicious. Hope it helps.


(Mom always said to wait for the best peaches of the season from Richards Brothers Orchard to make this pie). 
PEACH CHIFFON PIE  --  1 small pie -JEAN COOPER (won't fill 9" crust) (very good)

1 browned pie crust

¾ c sugar
1 ½ c chopped peaches
1 envelope Knox gelatin
¼ c cold water
½ c hot water
1 tbl lemon juice (or almond)
Dash of  salt
½ c Cool Whip

Add sugar to peaches & let stand 30 mins…Soften gelatin in cold water then dissolve in hot water…Cool.  
Add peach mixture, lemon juice & salt…Chill until partially set…Fold in Cool Whip…Pour into browned crust & chill.

M & B Fruit Punch

From: Earl
Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 2:19 PM
Subject: Hello Again 

Hello again I hope all is well with you! I am also hoping to find this recipe  years ago there was a company in Ohio called B&M punch 
they made  a concentrate punch there and I am hoping you can find the recipe they have been out of business for a number of years.....
Thank you so much!

Hello Earl,

Sorry, I cannot find even a mention of this product. I found a short list of drink mixes made by a company called B & M, but there’s no punch on the list. This list is from a distributor in Ohio & Pennsylvania. See:

Drink Mixes

I have no idea if it’s even the same company. This is a commercial product, so it would have to be a copycat recipe, but I found nothing.


From: Earl
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 11:01 PM
Subject: Re: Hello Again

Hi Phaed

this is earls daughter Sherry .....
you know I told you wrong I am so sorry it is  M&B Concentrates out of Akron ohio I am looking to the recipe for their Concentrate for their  fruit  punch ......
Thank you....

Hello Sherry,

Sorry, no luck with a copycat recipe to make this at home. M & B has a website at:

M and B Beverage Company


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