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Cook's Country Orange Ginger Chicken

On 5/4/2018 4:39 PM, David wrote:

Sir  -- Cook's Country magazine had a recipe request page in which a reader requested 
a recipe for orange-ginger chicken marinated a couple of days in a puree of fresh oranges, 
brown sugar, soy sauce, and fresh ginger. It was fall-off-the- bone tender. I will need 
time to locate the issue because it listed the restaurant or store, now out of business, 
that featured the chicken.  Can you help?  Dave. 

Hello Dave,

Sorry, I cannot find an "orange-ginger chicken" recipe on the Internet that mentions "Cook's Country". Was  "orange-ginger chicken" the exact name of the recipe? All of the websites of "Cook's Country", both the TV show and the magazine, are $ubscription sites, and I am not a member.  However, they can be searched without being a member. The only "orange chicken" recipes with ginger recipes that appear from using their search are a "Sichuan orange chicken" recipe and an "orange chicken" recipe. I cannot check these two recipes to see whether they are marinated as you describe, because one must be a subscriber in order to see the actual recipe, and I am not a subscriber. No recipe specifically called "orange-ginger chicken" appeared in a search of their websites.

It would be helpful to have that restaurant or store name. It might help to know the exact issue in which this recipe appeared, as the recipes in back issues may be searchable by issue. I might obtain the recipe name that way.

I will post this for reader input. Perhaps one of my readers has the magazine or has a subscription to the websites and will send the recipe.


On 5/8/2018 4:07 PM, David wrote:

Dear Phaed  --  I now have more information.  I don't have info on the issue where the recipe request 
was made.  However, I did leave an additional note that I found.  The business establishment was known 
as GOODIES TO GO, a gourmet food shop at one time located in Lexington, Massachusetts.  It sold prepared 
foods and bakery items.  The recipe was a request in the magazine's LOOKING FOR A RECIPE page.  It was 
not a standard recipe that the magazine offers.  It was on a page where requests for recipes are published 
with the hope some other reader of Cook's Country might know it, possibly children or grandchildren of the 
cooks at the establishment known as GOODIES TO GO.  I hope the info on the business establishment for the 
orange-ginger chicken will help find a responder.  Dave.  Thank you.

Hello David,

I was not able to find any recipes from, or very much about, "Goodies to Go", but I did find the business registration here:

The business appears to have folded almost 20 years ago.

I'd say your best bet to get the recipe would be to contact the person named there as President and ask if she can provide it. I messaged her myself, but have had no response.


NEISD Sloppy Joes

On 4/28/2018 8:47 AM, Gabrielle wrote:

Hi! I was looking for the neisd recipe for sloppy joes. But the recipe they had back in 
about the year 2000. I ask for approximately that year, cuz their newer recipes I believe 
have changed over the years. For healthy but I liked that one. Thank you

Hello Gabrielle,

Sorry, no success at all with this. i will post this for reader input, but I suggest that you contact NEISD Nutrition Services directly. See their Facebook page: NEISDSNS


Lime Thyme Potato Salad

On 4/28/2018 2:30 PM, judy wrote:

I know for sure that this recipe appeared in Better Homes & Gardens magazine and was a 
summer salad, a light version of mayo based potato salad. It probably was in the 1990’s 
or late 1980’s. It was very simple and contained lime zest and fresh thyme leaves but 
I do not what was in the dressing.  It was not an opaque dressing but a clear dressing.  
It was absolutely delicious and excellent for picnic purposes.  I have searched BH&G web
site  and come up emopty handed. I did find several online but they had a heavier dressing 
or a lot of extra ingredients not included in my version.  I regret losing my copy in a 
kitchen flood and hope that you can find the version I am seeking.

Thank you for uncovering the Morrison’s  recpies.  I grew up enjoying many meals there 
in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater.FL. In Clearwater it was an every Sunday contest 
to see which of the congregations (Baptist, Methodists or Presbyterian) would get out 
earliest and be first in line at Morrisons Sunday noon

Hello Judy,

According to the comments below this recipe, it appeared in BH&G in 2001, so perhaps this is it:  Lime and Thyme Potato Salad

If that's not it, and since you appear to know the ingredients in the recipe you had, you must send me a list of everything you recall about the recipe so that I will know it when I see it.


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