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Kresge Lime Freeze

Subject: Kresge’s lime freeze
From: Lorrie
Date: 6/17/2020, 9:04 AM

On 6/16/2020 6:17 PM, Lorrie wrote:

Used to go to Kresge’s in Roseland, south of Chicago Loop.

They had a lime freeze drink (soda?). Sure wish I could find a recipe for that.


Hi Lorrie,

Sorry, I found a few Kresge's recipes, but not one for the lime freeze.

I'll post this. Maybe one of my readers can help.



Hi Lorrie,

Still no luck with a Kresge's recipe for this, but I have found a couple of "lime freeze" recipes that you might want to try. I have no idea what the Kresge's drink was like, so these may not be like it at all - they may just have the same name. One has ice cream, and the other is an old-fashioned soda fountain drink. Note that in the second recipe, "coarse stream" is just a soda fountain term for carbonated water(club soda). I'm not sure what "mash" refers to in that recipe, but it may mean to squeeze the lime and/or to crush the mint to release the flavor.

You might find this site of interest: Recipe Secrets


Fresh Lime Freeze

48 oz. vanilla ice cream, juice of 4 large limes, ~2 c. Sprite, 
1 tsp. vanilla + as many ice cubes as will fit in the blender.
From: Bulletin of Pharmacy, Volume 28

Fresh Lime Freeze

Chipped ice, 1 fresh lime, sprig of mint, and mash;
1/4 ounce orange syrup, 1/4 ounce lemon syrup, 1 tea-
spoonful crushed pineapple fruit. Draw coarse stream
and top off with slice of orange and maraschino cherry.
This makes a cool and refreshing drink.

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