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Polly's Pies Backburner Soup

On 5/25/2018 9:12 PM, Linda wrote:

I'm looking for the recipe for Polly's Pie's Back Burner Soup.  
Can't  find it anywhere!


Hello Linda,

I'm afraid you won't find this one at all. There are requests dating back several years on various message boards that have had no response. No one has been able to obtain this secret recipe.

Messages here: Talk Food claim that there are copycat recipes on the Internet, but I did not find any recipes, copycats, or "tastes like" recipes at all. The few links that appear on Google are just reviews, requests for the recipe, and links to sites that appear to be malware traps.

Polly's Pies menus describes the soup like this:
Backburner Soup:
“Down Home Comfort” Served Daily
A "Homestyle" classic made with kidney beans, lentil beans, vegetables, pasta, ham, and bacon in a thick, rich beef stock.

I'll post this for reader input. The ingredients listed on the menu are fairly common, and there may be recipes out there with similar ingredients. However, I would not trust any recipe that is recommended based on the listed ingredients alone. Such a recommendation should be based on the fact that  the person who recommends it has actually tried the recipe they suggest and also has actually tried "Polly's Pies Backburner Soup" and can recommend a recipe based the personal experience of tasting both.

If you do want such a recipe based on the listed ingredients alone, then tell me and I will attempt to find one.


Morrison's Italian Dressing

On 5/24/2018 10:25 AM, Cecelia wrote:
 Recipe for their (Morrison's)Italian dressing

Hello Cecelia,

There is no Italian dressing recipe in my copy of the Morrison's kitchen manual, and I could find no mention on the web. I wrote to my friend who was a Morrison's manager, and he says Morrison's didn't offer an Italian dressing. If your local Morrison's had Italian dressing, it was most likely not something they made in-house. They probably bought a commercial Italian dressing from a food service company.

Below is exactly what my friend said.


Morrison's made from scratch Bleu Cheese, Oil and  Vinegar, Poppy Seed
and thousand Island dressings. In addition they made Cocktail and 
Remoulade. That's it. They didn't offer a lot of dressings because 
customers took too much time to choose -- slowing the line.The Oil & 
Vinegar was very popular and contained garlic. It could easily be 
confused with Italian, Oil & Vinegar was a mainstay and I can't see a 
manager adding Italian which would be similar and would cause confusion. 
Hope this helps.


Morrison's Oil & Vinegar Dressing

Yield 1 1/2 gallon

1 lbv sugar
3/4 cup salt
1 tbsp pepper
Mix  in mixer bowl

2 quarts red wine vinegar
Add 2 cups to seasonings and mix at medium speed until all 
salt and sugar are dissolved.

1 gallon salad oil
Add remainder of vinegar and oil and bat at low speed for 
10 minutes
4 1/2 ounces finely ground garlic
Add pulp and juice to dressing while beating.

Store at room temperature.

Lemon Phosphates

On 5/23/2018 4:55 PM, Rebecca wrote:

Andy Griffith had a lemon phosphate at the diner in Mayberry, 
it was on the businessman’s lunch special.

What is a lemon phosphate??

Hello Rebecca,

Back in the days when drugstores always had soda fountains and "diners" sold sodas and egg cremes and the like, "phosphates" were popular, particularly with children.

They were basically just carbonated water, acid phosphate, and a sweet flavored syrup. The most popular flavors were chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and cherry. The acid phosphate gave them a tangy taste and was the reason they were called "phosphates." There's an article here: Homemade Dessert Recipes

You can buy acid phosphate - Amazon has it.  See: Amazon

These days, citric acid is often substituted for the acid phosphate. There have been concerns about the healthiness of consuming too much phosphates.  Carbonated water is basically club soda.  Amazon also has flavored soda syrups.

Phosphates may still be served at old-fashioned soda fountains, which still exist in some places.

The Andy Griffith show joke was that in a small town like Mayberry, even the businessmen drank phosphates, not martinis as they popularly would in New York City, etc.

Also see: 5-23-03

Cherry Phosphate

Serving Size:1

Source: Better Homes & Gardens Annual Recipes (1996)

A phosphate is like a Red River drink, only with a tart flavoring added,
usually citric acid or lemon juice.

1  12 oz can  Carbonated water or club soda
  Cherry flavored syrup
  Lemon juice

To make a phosphate, in a tall glass stir a 12-ounce can of carbonated 
water or club soda into a couple of spoonfuls of cherry-flavored syrup 
and lemon juice. Cool it all off with ice cubes.


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