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Morton's Frozen Mini Donuts

From: Kim
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2017 3:41 M
Subject: Morton's Frozen Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Hi Kim again,

I thought your site said one request at a time so I sent these separately. When I was a kid we bought 
maybe just a few times..a frozen box of little donuts you baked and shook them In the cinnamon sugar 
hot from the oven. They were called Morton’s as above noted. I was so impressed by the taste I never 
forgot them…but i've never seen them again. Would you have any idea of a recipe..these were baked not 
fried and as mentioned came frozen. Thanks.


Hi Kim,

I remember those “sugar and spice mini-donuts”. There was also a powdered sugar-covered variety.

There’s a recipe here: Sugar & Spice

These cinnamon - sugar mini-muffins are said to taste just like them: Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

According to this site, you can get something similar at Whole Foods – Kinnikinnick Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Schwan's food delivery has a similar product. You can also order them over the Internet at: Schwan's


Brown Dog Christmas Pudding

-----Original Message----- 
From: Marilyn 
Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2017 12:54 AM
Subject: Brown Dog Pudding

I am looking for a recipe for a friend of mine. She said her mother in law use to make it for Christmas. 
It was very dark and she hung it in the pantry and then served it with a Carmel sauce.

I hope you can help me find this recipe.

Thanks, Marilyn 

Hello Marilyn,

Please ask your friend if there is an ethnicity attached to this recipe or to her mother-in-law. If so, what is it?


From: Marilyn 
Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2017 2:51 PM
To: Phaedrus 
Subject: Re: Brown Dog Pudding

The mother in law was born in Arizona and her mother in Utah, but her grandmother was born in Devon, England


Hi Marilyn,

I cannot find anything with the name “brown dog pudding.” There does not seem to have ever been an American dish by that name, nor a British one. I checked two cookbooks of traditional recipes from Devon and Devonshire, but it was not in them. The only pudding that I can find with “dog” in the name is “Spotted Dog” which is another name for the British pudding called “Spotted Dick.”

I think that the only way to proceed is to assume that it has another name. To do so requires more description of the pudding itself. Was it a boiled or steamed pudding? Are any ingredients known?


From: Marilyn 
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2017 10:22 AM
To: Phaedrus 
Subject: Re: Brown Dog Pudding

She thinks that it had molasses.  does that help? 


Hi Marilyn,

Sorry, not much. There are lots of Christmas puddings, some with molasses (or "treacle" in Britain), but I can’t find any that are particularly hung in the dark and then served with caramel sauce. How was it hung? What was it hung in? Was it in a pudding bag or cloth? Did it have any suet in it?

I’ll post this for reader input.


Hello Marilyn,

I find that the idea of boiling or steaming a Christmas pudding in a pudding cloth or pudding bag and then hanging it up to dry for a period of time is a traditionally British idea, one which also spread to British colonies such as Australia. These puddings may be made several days or weeks before Christmas. They are hung up to dry and "ripen", still in the bag or cloth, then re-boiled or steamed briefly when ready to serve.

There are several recipes for puddings of this type on these sites. Some have photos:

Boiled Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding in a Cloth

Gourmet Traveler

Kitchen Nine

As for the caramel sauce, the sauce typically served with these puddings is "Cook's Choice". In some households the choice might be brandy sauce, in some it might be hard sauce, caramel sauce in some, boiled custard, brown sugar sauce, or just clotted cream in others.

I didn't see one with molasses or treacle, but there must be some.


Little Bread Garden

From: Maria 
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2017 2:25 AM
Subject: Recipes from "The Little Bread Garden"

Dear Uncle Phaedrus:

I have been looking for several years with no success for recipes and or the book 
"The Little Bread Garden" by Mrs. Simmons of Capriland. It was a 16 page booklet with 
recipes to make herbal breads. Would be grateful for your help.


Hello Maria,

Where did you hear of a book with that title by Mrs. Simmons? I cannot find even a mention of a book by that name written by Adelma Grenier Simmons. Not anywhere. See "The Library Thing" for a list of her many books. Indeed, I cannot find any mention of a book with that name at all, not by any author. If it was only a limited edition 16 page pamphlet, then no surviving copy may exist.

I am familiar with Adelma Grenier Simmons and Capriland Herb Farm. See my previous research here: 06-06-2016. Her Spinach Sweet Bread recipe is posted on that page.

Mrs. Simmons did write books about the use of herbs in cooking and about herb bread. Used copies of two of them are for sale on Amazon:
“The Caprilands Kitchen Book”
“Herbal Harvest Lammas Festival of Bread”

Two more, which are listed as “unavailable” by Amazon are: “Caprilands' Breads For All Reasons” and “Herbs Are Good Companions: To Vegetables in the Garden : To Cooks in the Kitchen.”

There are many used book dealers on the Web. If you can determine which of Mrs. Simmons’ books you want, I will try to help you find a copy. However, when I cannot find any mention at all of a book, as in the case of "The Little Bread Garden,“ I am suspicious as to whether that is a correct title. If it is a correct title, then it may have been out of print for so long that there is no extant copy remaining. Caprilands Institute has a Facebook page here: Caprilands Institute. You might try posting your request there. Those folks may have all of Mrs. Simmons’ papers and publications.

As for individual recipes, if there is a particular bread recipe of Mrs. Simmons that you want and if you know the name she gave the bread, then I will try to find it for you.


From: Maria 
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2017 11:45 AM
To: Phaedrus 
Subject: Re: Recipes from "The Little Bread Garden"

Good to hear from you!! - That gives me hope! - It is mentioned and advertised a good deal in 
the Herb Quarterly issues that were published in late 1987-1988 issues. The latest one I saw 
the ad in was the Herb Quarterly Winter 1987-1988 issue. It is in many of the Herb Quarterly 
issues printed around that time. I got these old issues from a lady that did not want her 
family to toss them, and we found each other, and so I was the beneficiary to these old 
Herb Quarterly issues and treasure each one them and have found and ordered many of the 
books that were advertised. The Little Bread Garden has eluded me!  

The ad on page 47 of the Herb Quarterly Winter 1987-1988 issue reads as follows: 
"The Little Bread Garden - Special small garden design used by cooks to provide the herbs 
for freshly baked bread & pastries. Garden fits neatly into a small corner. With tips on 
the baker's sixteen herbs. Complete with recipes for many herbal breads & savory butters 
and spreads. Special recipe for Rosemary Hot & Spicy Butter from Mrs. Simmons of Capriland. 
16 pages, $1.95"

As a retired nutritionist and traditional cook, I am now almost in a state of panic thinking 
that I'll never find a copy! - I pray often to be led, and finding your website was one of 
those special gifts, and hopefully you are the only person who may now be able to find either 
the booklet and or the recipes. I have contacted HQ several times and they tell me that they 
don't have it anymore although, they do show it as an out of print booklet. (sigh)


Hi Maria,

I can’t offer you much hope, but I do have a few suggestions.

First, the ad on page 47 of the Herb Quarterly Winter 1987-1988 issue that you cite reads as follows:
The Little Bread Garden - Special small garden design used by cooks to provide the herbs for freshly baked bread & pastries. Garden fits neatly into a small corner. With tips on the baker's sixteen herbs. Complete with recipes for many herbal breads & savory butters and spreads. Special recipe for Rosemary Hot & Spicy Butter from Mrs. Simmons of Capriland. 16 pages, $1.95"

Maria, I would consider a different interpretation of that ad. It may not mean that the entire booklet is authored by Mrs. Simmons. The booklet may have a garden design and a collection of tips for growing herbs in a small space and recipes for using them in bread-making, published by Herb Quarterly
(INCLUDING) A SPECIAL RECIPE FOR ROSEMARY HOT & SPICY BUTTER FROM MRS. SIMMONS OF CAPRILAND. That one recipe may be the only thing of Mrs. Simmons that is in that booklet. I searched for a recipe for “Rosemary Hot & Spicy Butter”, but I had no success with that.

Usually, if a used book site (seller) has something like this booklet, it will show up in a Google search on the title. However, nothing appeared in a Google search, and I checked both Amazon and EBay, with no success. There may not be a copy anywhere at all, or there may be a copy languishing in someone’s closet or attic, forgotten for years.

Herb Quarterly has a Facebook page at: Herb Quarterly You might try posting a request on that page. I know that you have already spoken to HQ multiple times, but remember, we aren’t contacting HQ here, we are reaching out to HQ’s readers who visit that page and who might have ordered that booklet in the 1980s. Also, you should check for Facebook pages about cookbook collecting and related topics and post a request there.

Check with your local library. Ask the librarian to search the network for a booklet titled “The Little Bread Garden”. Most public libraries are members of a nation-wide network that can locate a copy of nearly any book, if a copy still exists in any library collection in the country.

Treat this, not as a search for a cookbook, but one for an antique or a collectible. There are numerous message boards on the Web with the theme of book collecting, antique book collecting, rare book collecting, cookbook collecting, etc. Find those boards and post your request on every one of them.

You should also contact the Capriland Institute. They may not have a copy of this booklet, but they might have a copy of that recipe for “Rosemary Hot & Spicy Butter”.

If you find a lead, let me know and I will try to assist you if needed.


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