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Joe Bologna's Breadsticks

-----Original Message----- 
From: Pat 
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2014 4:50 PM
Subject: Joe bologna's breadsticks

It's been 30 years, but it is still the best breadstick ever.  Located in 
Lexington KY.  I couldn't find it on your website but wondered if you could 
find.  I just grew my first crop of garlic, Music, and would love to try it 
out in style.



Hi Pat,

Sorry, I was unable to find a recipe, copycat, or even a "tastes-like" recipe for these, although I found lots of raves about how good they are. I'll post this in the hope that a reader can help.


Los Tres Amigos Chili con Carne

-----Original Message----- 
From: Michael 
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 1:38 PM
Subject: Mexican-style Chili con Carne


When I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I enjoyed the Mexican-style 
Chili con Carne at Los Tres Amigos restaurants.

Their chili con carne  contains small chunks of beef in a thin but tasty 

Do you have their recipe ?



Hello Michael,

Whenever anyone asks me to try to locate a recipe from a particular restaurant, I try to find a menu from that restaurant and read the description of the dish. Sometimes it helps.

In this case, I'm finding multiple Mexican Restaurants and Tex-Mex Grills with the name "Los Tres Amigos." ("The Three Friends") It's a popular name for Mexican Restaurants. Makes it difficult to narrow it down to one restaurant chain. You said yours was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, most of which, although it looks small on a map, is actually like one long city from Bay St. Louis to Ocean Springs, divided by little more than road signs and a couple of bridges into Bay St. Louis, Gulfport, Biloxi, and then Ocean Springs. There may have been restaurants named "Los Tres Amigos" in other Mississippi Gulf Coast cities, but I'm looking at Gulfport as yours. There are, or were, two restaurants with that name in Gulfport that I found mentioned on the web, one at 9400 Highway 49, Gulfport, for which I could not locate a menu. I also could not determine if it was the same restaurant or part of the same chain as the one at 603 E Pass Rd, Gulfport, for which I did find a menu at: Los Tres Amigos Gulfport
The menu description of their chile con carne was not much help. it says simply:
"Chili con Carne. Mexican style. Muy caliente". ("very hot")

I could not find a chile con carne recipe from any "Los Tres Amigos" restaurant at all, nor could I find one that claimed to be a copycat or a "tastes-like" recipe for that from any "Los Tres Amigos" restaurant at all. The only way that I would have any confidence in a recipe would be if I found a recipe that specifically stated that it was a recipe for the chile con carne at "Los Tres Amigos" restaurant at 603 E. Pass Road in Gulfport, MS.

When a restaurant makes a claim like "Mexican-style" for their chili, two reservations pop into my head: First, "Mexican-style" may be simply advertising. The degree of authenticity in such claims may vary widely. Second, even if their particular recipe came from Mexico, how can anyone assume that all the chili served in Mexico is the same? Of course, it isn't all the same. There are regional recipes and family recipes, and not all of the restaurants in Mexico use the same recipe. The point is, that trying to find an authentic, Mexican-style chili con carne recipe that will taste like what you recall from "Los Tres Amigos" in Gulfport would be a hit or miss task, particularly for someone who has never tasted the chile con carne from Los Tres Amigos. There are likely many chile con carne recipes on the Internet that call themselves "Mexican-style", and they likely all have differences, and none may taste exactly like what you remember. There's one such here with a good pedigree that you could try. It claims authenticity, is similar to your description, and has photos: Authentic Mexican Chili con Carne


-----Original Message----- 
From: Michael  
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 3:10 PM 
To: Phaedrus 
Subject: Re: Mexican-style Chili con Carne 

Thanks for your quick reply.

The Los Tres Amigos on the beach in Gulfport and the one in Bay St. Louis were lost to Katrina. 
One restaurant remains, on Pass Road in Gulfport.

I believe the chili con Carne in question is Chili con Colorado, or at least made with the same.

I found the term Chili con Colorado today while searching the Web. I also found the term Guisado, 
which may help.

Thanks again for your help.


Hello Michael,

"Colorado" means "red", and "guisado " means "stew". "Chili con colorado" means "red chili". As I said below, the Los Tres Amigos on Pass Rd menu says: "Chili con Carne. Mexican style. Muy caliente". ("very hot"). It does not say "Chili con Colorado" and it does not say "guisado". If you want a "Chile Colorado con Carne" recipe, see:
Chile Colorado con Carne
Homesick Texan

The second link has an article explaining the difference between "chili con carne and "chili colorado con carne". It's the type of chilis used (usually ancho for chili colorado) and the fact that chile colorado contains tomatoes, whereas chili con carne does not necessarily have any tomatoes. There appears to be little consistency in the use of the terms "chili con carne and "chili colorado con carne". The "chili con carne" at Los Tres Amigos may be a red chili with tomatoes and anchos. I have no idea if it is a "guisado". Chile con carne is sometimes referred to as a stew, and sometimes it contains tomatoes. Most of the guisado photos that I can find have very large chunks of meat and most are made with pork or chicken.


London Schools Chocolate Tart

-----Original Message----- 
From: Sara
Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2014 8:06 PM
Subject: Looking for school chocolate tart in the 80's

Hi, I've been looking for a long time for the old school deserts, there were 
a few that I would just love to try again.
From memory  there were a pink marshmallow tart, butterscotch tart and the 
famous chocolate tart, we used to have it with chocolate custard and the 
chocolate used to melt in the custard.
This was early 80's in London UK.

Hope you can help..    Sara

Hi Sara,

I looked for any tart recipes at all that mentioned UK public schools or British public schools or London Public Schools, etc.

The only site that I found that had recipes from UK schools was: School Recipes UK

Searching that site, I did not find a butterscotch tart recipe, or a pink marshmallow tart recipe or a recipe called "chocolate tart". However I did find a "fudge tart" recipe. See:

Fudge Tart

I did find chocolate tart recipes from other UK sources, but not from the schools. See:

The Times

Food Network UK

Kitchenaid UK

Channel 4

The Ideas Kitchen

Sorry that I could not be more help. There just do not appear to be many sources online for UK public schools recipes. I'll post this on my site. I have quite a few UK readers, so perhaps one of them can assist.


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