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Boston Pizza Thai Chicken Bites

From: Joy 
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 9:58 AM
Subject: Thai Chicken Bites

A recipe similar to Boston Pizza's would be great.

Thanks, Joy

Hello Joy,

Boston Pizza has a website here: Boston Pizza

Their menu describes the Thai Chicken bites like this:
Thai Chicken Bites
Breaded chicken breast fillet, fried and then tossed in a sweet Thai chili sauce served on a bed of crunchy Asian noodles. Finished with julienne carrots, fresh cilantro, green onion and sesame seeds.

I found a couple of “knock-off” recipes:

This one is by a former Boston Pizza employee:
1) Lauren's Latest

2) Frugal Bush Bunny


Magnolia Tea

From: Iarya
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 1:24 AM
Subject: Magnolia Tea

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,

I am searching for a particular recipe for Magnolia Tea. Being Southern born and Southern bred, well Tea is my house wine of course, 
and it took a lot of years for me to be willing to try anything but plain ol' sweet tea with lemon over ice. However, about 10 years 
ago I had some "Magnolia Tea" and I am not even sure where. As I recall the only information they were willing to give up was it was 
Lipton tea with sugar, lemon and had 7 fruit juices in it. Now I am not sure if those 7 juices are with the lemon or on top of the 
lemon juice. They were unwilling to give out more information. 

A few years ago, I had some tea that was similar but I cannot remember if it was exactly the same. It was served at The Cracker Barrel 
Restaurants in the South from the summer menu. They have never repeated it. It was amazing.

I would just be tickled pea green or tea golden if you would be able to find either or of these recipes. Thank you my good sir, 
for the time and trouble you go through for each and every recipe you hunt down. You are just the blood hound of food I tell ya.



Hello Iarya,

I completely struck out with this. There are recipes for “magnolia tea”, but they are an herbal tea using real magnolia blossoms or bark. There are lots of recipes for tea with added fruit juice, mostly orange juice and lemon juice, but I didn’t find any with 7 juices. I am Southern born and bred, myself, and most of that in the "Magnolia State" of Mississippi, but I am not familiar with "magnolia tea."

I will post this on my site, but I can’t see much hope of success without more information. It would be most helpful to know what some of those juices were. Is there someone else who was with you at the time and could remember the name of the restaurant?

Cracker Barrel has served a fresh-brewed sweet tea combined with crisp apple and tangy cranberry juices. Is that what you remember from Cracker Barrel?


James Garner's Chili Burgers

From: carol 
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 8:24 AM
Subject: Re: James Garner chili burgers. 

Looking for recipe that James Garner described on Johnny Carson show for chili burgers. 
It was a patty made from chili and served on a hamburger bun. 

My first name is Carol. Thank you.

Hi Carol,

I had no success finding this recipe as such. I found this statement in the cookbook “The All-American Cowboy Cookbook” by Ken Beck, but no recipe:
James Garner has a secret recipe for chili burgers, which he guards very closely. One of his dreams is to open a chain of chili burger stands.

I found a couple of other requests for it that said it had been printed in a newspaper:

Talk Food

Without knowing which newspaper that individual was referring to, I am unable to pursue that line of thought any further. I tried the usual searches, with no success.

Those requests give this description:

It was a chiliburger recipe and as I recall you take chili and freeze it into patties. Then you take the frozen patties and dip them in some sort of a batter and pan fry them and serve them with a slice of red onion in a hamburger bun and dress up as you see fit.

I do have James Garner’s Oklahoma Chili recipe that was printed in several newspapers. However, it makes no mention of making chili burgers. This may be the chili used in the chili burgers, but I’ve no idea about the batter. The recipe is below.

You might try posting your request on the James Garner Facebook fan page:

James Garner Facebook Page


James Garner's Oklahoma Chili

3 lbs         ground chuck
2 medium    onions, chopped
2        bell peppers, chopped
2        hot, yellow chili peppers, chopped
2 cans         (16 oz ea) whole tomatoes, chopped
1/2 teaspoon    garlic salt
2 teaspoons    salt
1/2 teaspoon    black pepper
4 teaspoons    chili powder
2 teaspoons    brown sugar
1/2 cup        honey
1/4 lb        margarine
1 teaspoon    liquid hot pepper sauce

Brown meat lightly in a skillet and transfer to a large pot.
Saute onions and peppers in skillet and add them to meat.
Saute tomatoes and add them to meat mixture. Add remaining
ingredients;blend well. Simmer 3 hours in covered pot,
stirring often.

South Carolina Hot Dog Chili

From: Joe
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 1:09 PM
Subject: Hot Dog Chili Recipe

Hi Phaed,

I’ve been enjoying reading (and trying) your hot dog chili recipes I’ve seen you post on the internet.

Do you possibly have one for Skins’ Hot Dogs?  They’re based in Anderson, SC, with locations all over the upstate of South Carolina – 
real good hot dog chili on the mild side.

Also, have you ever gotten a recipe for Pete’s Drive-In in Greenville, SC, or The Beacon in Spartanburg, SC?

I’m originally from Greenville, SC, and always the enjoyed the Greek-operated drive-ins in the area.



Atlanta, GA

Hello Joe,

Sorry to say that I had no success with recipes or copycats for any of these dogs.

Skins has a website here: Skins Hot Dogs

and a Facebook page here: Skins Hot Dogs Facebook Page

The Beacon has a page here: Beacon Drive-In

The Aiken pool hall chili recipe is here: Aiken Pool Hall Chili Recipe

There are other “South Carolina hot dog chili” recipes on these sites:

Group Recipes 108525

Cook Like Grandma

Group Recipes 64260

I’ll post this. You never can tell when a reader might have the recipe.


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