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Zuider Zee Hush Puppies

From: Laura 
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 7:04 PM
Subject: Zuider Zee Hushpuppies


Can you perform miracles? I have searched high and low for the Zuider Zee Hushpuppy recipe. 
The memory of these tubes of warm goodness dipped in butter, have been tormenting as of late.


Tulsa, OK

Hello Laura,

I had no success finding Bill Martin’s actual recipe today. It still does not appear to be available. I searched for this previously in 2012. See: 1-13-2012

Lone Star Foods sells a commercial frozen product that is said to be very similar, if not exactly the same. See: Lonestar Foods

There is a copycat recipe here: Zuider Zee Style Hushpuppies


From: Carla 
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 10:09 AM
Subject: Looking for Sloppy Joe recipe made at Woolworth's Lunch Counters 

I would love to find the recipe for the Sloppy Joes made at the Woolworth’s Lunch Counters.  Have you seen this recipe? 

Thank you 


Hello Carla,

In the Woolworth’s recipe manual, these are called “Barbecue Hamburgers” rather than “sloppy joes.” There is no recipe in the manual that I have that is called “sloppy joes”. The recipe for "barbecue hamburgers" is below.

Note that these are two separate recipes, and therefore the quantities don’t match up between the two. The barbecue sauce recipe is for 2 lbs 8 oz of sauce rather than the 1 oz of sauce called for in the Barbecue Hamburger recipe. Add to your taste.


Woolworth's Barbecue Hamburgers (Sloppy Joes)

Ingredients for 1 recipe or 8 2 oz portions:

Onions            1 oz
Water             1 oz

Place finely chopped onions in frying pan with water and cook until tender.

Ground Chuck        1 lb

Add meat to onions and brown (10 minutes). Stir occasionally to keep meat separated.

Barbecue Sauce*        1 oz
Salt                             3/4 teaspoon

Add to above. Blend. Remove from stove and serve.(on buns.)
*Woolworth's Barbecue Sauce

Ingredients for 2 lbs 8 ozs or 20 2 oz portions:

Chili Sauce               2 oz
Tomato Sauce         12 oz 
            (liquid oz)
Prepared Mustard    5 oz
Cider Vinegar           2 oz
Worcestershire Sauce    1-1/2 oz
Lemon Juice            1/4 oz
Salt                          1/4 oz
Black Pepper           1-1/2 tsp
Cayenne Pepper      1/2 tsp
Chili Powder            1/2 tsp
Celery Seed             1/4 oz
Sugar                       1/2 oz

Combine all ingredients. Place on stove. Bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes with lid on.

A  bit of liquid smoke added will give this a real smoky tang. Add to taste.

Van de Kamp's Bakery Sugar Cookies

From: Kim
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2016 6:34 PM
Subject: Lost cookies

When I was a little girl my Grand mother would buy me Van De Kamps sugar cookie from the grocery store. 
They were my absolute favorite.... they were similar to a shortbread cookie bit cover with crystallized 
sugar granuals, they were so delicious, are they still made anywhere???? 
Please let me know, I would love to be taken back to my childhood
Thank you so much!! Kim 

Hi Kim,

Sorry, no luck with this. When Van de Kamp’s closed, all of their recipes seem to have vanished. I and others have been searching for this sugar cookie recipe for years, with no success.

I have a Van de Kamp’s Bakery page here: Van de Kamp's Bakery

There are links on that page to a few recipes that people have said are similar to Van de Kamp’s products, including the “Dutch Girl” cookies. Those recipes appear to be all that is available.


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