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Beach Dog Cafe Stuffed French Toast

-----Original Message----- 
From: Carol 
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 3:10 PM
Subject: French Toast

Good morning!
   I was wondering if you obtain recipes from currently operating 
restaurants?  I would dearly love to have the recipe for "Kristina's 
Specialty Stuffed French Toast.". It is from the Beach Dog Cafe in Lincoln 
City, Oregon, at 6042 Oregon Coast Highway.  I am particularly interested in 
the light, citrus cream cheese filling, but would love to have the entire 

Thanks in advance for your efforts!!


Hello Carol,

Sorry, I do not contact currently operating restaurants and ask for their recipes. While searching for your requested recipe, I found a post on a message board from at least one diner who asked for this recipe at the Cafe and was rejected. Beach Dog Café apparently does not give out their recipes. Most restaurants do not give out their recipes. Some of them, like Red Lobster, occasionally create home versions of their recipes and will give them to diners on request. However, this is extremely rare. Therefore, we have to rely on people who create "copycat recipes". No one seems to have taken on the challenge of duplicating "Kristina's Specialty Stuffed French Toast", not even the citrus cream cheese filling.

Beach Dog Café's menu is on their site here: Beach Dog Cafe
Their menu describes the French toast thus:

*Kristina’s Specialty Stuffed French Toast..$8.95
-Stuffed with a light homemade citrus
cream cheese and sliced bananas, and then
grilled golden. Dusted with powdered sugar
and topped with a mixed berry
compote and whip cream.

There is a photo of it here: Trip Advisor
From the photo, the berries appear to be blackberries.

There is a cream-cheese stuffed French toast recipe with berries here: Yummly

I found a citrus cream cheese filling recipe as part of this cake recipe: Cook Eat Share

Since no one has created a copycat for this dish, perhaps you will be the one to do it. There may be enough information here that, added to your memory of how the dish tastes, will enable you to begin. Good luck!


Quagmire's Jalapeno Poppers

From: Deborah 
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 12:25 PM
Subject: Jalapeno Poppers recipe from Quagmire's on the Outer Banks, NC

I know the restaurant is closed but am hoping someone out there has their recipe - 
it tasted like they used corn dog coating on the outside and cheddar cheese on the 
inside of the jalapeno. 


Hi Deb,

I had no success at all with this. I’ll post it.


Pappy's Hopalong Fried Chicken Gizzards

-----Original Message----- 
From: len
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 12:22 AM
Subject: hopalong fried chicken gizzards?

i always wanted these..long ago they had them, at famous Pappy's restaurant 
in St Augustine FL....many thanks...

Hello Len,

I found a few mentions of Pappy's Restaurant in St Augustine, but no recipes and no mentions of Hopalong Fried Chicken Gizzards.

I'll post this on the site in case a reader can help. Meanwhile, there are other fried gizzard recipes available, such as these:

Just a Pinch

All Recipes


Army Salisbury Steak

From: Joe 
Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2013 6:55 PM
Subject: Salisbury Steak recipe

Hi Unc,

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I have been attempting to find a recipe for Salisbury Steak that the Army served in 60’s & 70’s.  
My searches have been fruitless.

I’m hoping that you may be able to help.

A Grateful Nephew In Leavenworth, (Not as a guest of the ‘Big House’ but a resident of the First City Of Kansas.



Hi Joe,

Good to hear from you.

The problem with your request is the dates. The current Armed Forces Food Service recipe manual is available online. I have it downloaded to my hard drive, and the Salisbury steak recipe from it is below.

However, I have no way of knowing whether the current Salisbury steak recipe is the same one from the 60s & 70s.

Searching online in the hopes that someone has posted the recipe presents the same problem. People don’t usually put dates on recipes when they post them. There is an example here of a military Salisbury steak recipe: Army Cook


Salisbury Steak (Armed Forces recipe)

Ingredients for 100 Servings:

Milk, Nonfat Dry         3 1/4 oz
Water, Warm              3 7/8 lbs
Breadcrumbs              4 3/4 lbs
Beef, Ground Raw        28 lbs
Onions, Fresh, Chopped   3 lbs
Eggs, Whole, Frozen      1 lbs
Salt                       3 oz
Pepper, Black, Ground      1/4 oz
Worcestershire Sauce       2 7/8 oz

1. Reconstitute milk.
2. Add milk to bread.
3. Combine bread mixture with beef, onions, eggs, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire 
sauce; mix thoroughly.
4. Shape into steaks about 1 inch thick by 4 inches, weighing 6 ounces.
5. Place on sheet pans; using a convection oven, bake at 325°F on high fan, open vent 
for 20 - 25 minutes or until well-done. CCP: Internal temperature must reach 155°F or 
higher for 15 seconds. Hold for service at 140°F or higher.

Salisbury steak may be grilled. Lightly spray griddle with non-stick cooking spray. 
Cook patties on lightly sprayed 350 F. griddle. Grill 8 minutes on each side or until 
steaks are well done. CCP: Internal temperature must reach 155 F. or higher for 15 seconds. 
Hold for service at 140 F. or higher. 
Hello again Uncle Phaedrus,

I hope this email finds you well. I've found a number of army documents with slightly varying recipes for salisbury steak, 
ranging from the 1970s to present, and also anecdotes of army chefs. It appears that many chefs would, not unsurprisingly, 
add their own spin to the recipe by using additional ingredients like celery, thyme, and other seasonings. 
Who knows how helpful this all is, but I have it, so why not pass it along?

The following two recipes come from 1976 and 1975 Production Guides for Meat and Vegetable Entrees. The only difference 
between the two versions is that rather than rice flour, the 1975 version calls for Col-Flo 67 Starch in the same amount - 
any freeze-thaw stable starch will work. 

Additionally, a 1985 production guide (found contains the same recipe 
with a modified brown gravy recipe- it alls for making a roux with shortening and flour, dissolving col-flo 67 starch 
with water, adding stock or water, followed by black pepper, garlic pepper, kitchen bouquet, beef soup & gravy base, 
and the col-flo starch, then more water or stock.

Salisbury Steak with Brown Gravy, to be frozen

Yield: 100 portions

0.41 lbs (186 grams) Milk, nonfat dry 
4.31 lbs (1,957 grams) Water, warm
1.44 lbs (654 grams) Bread crumbs
30 lbs (13, 620 grams) Beef, boneless, ground
0.37 lbs (168 grams) Onions, dehydrated 
1 lb (454 grams) eggs, whole
0.02 lbs (9 grams) pepper, black
0.37 lbs (168 grams) salt, table
0.19 lbs (86 grams) worcestershire sauce 

Reconstitute milk and blend crumbs with milk. Rehydrate onions in excess water, drain. 
Combine mixture with beef and remaining ingredients. Mix on low speed lightly, but thoroughly. 
Shape into oval patties 1'' thick weighing 6 oz on patty making machine. Place patties on lightly 
greased pans or on parchment paper. Note: At no time shall the uncooked patty temperature be over 50F. 
Bake one hour at 325F to 165F internal temperature.

0.44 lbs (200 grams) Flour, wheat, general purpose 
0.44 lbs (200 grams) Flour, rice
23.15 lbs (10,510 grams) Water, tap
0.94 lbs (247 grams) Soup and gravy base, beef
0.01 lbs (5 grams) Garlic powder
0.01 lbs (5 grams) Pepper, black

Mix all ingredients except water together until blended. Place in steam kettle. 
Add water slowly to the ingredients while stirring vigorously. Turn on steam and heat for 5 minutes at 200F. 
Adjust volume to 3.5 galloons, blend well. Place one steak and 4 oz gravy per foil container. 
Cover, mark and freeze.  Reheat in 350F oven until internal temperature reaches 160F. 

Salisbury Steak with tomato sauce 

0.41 lbs (184 grams) Milk, nonfat dry 
3.75 lbs (1,703 grams) Water, warm
1.5 lbs (681 grams) Bread crumbs
30 lbs (13, 620 grams) Beef, boneless, ground 1/8 inch
0.38 lbs (170 grams) Onions, dehydrated, chopped
1 lb (454 grams) eggs, whole, beaten
0.02 lbs (9 grams) pepper, black
0.38 lbs (170 grams) salt, table
0.19 lbs (86 grams) worcestershire sauce 

Reconstitute milk with water provided. Add milk to bread crumbs, let stand five minutes. 
Combine bread mixture with beef and remaining ingredients, mix lightly but thoroughly. 
Shape into oval portions one inch thick weighing six ounces on patty forming machine. 
Place on lightly greased pans. Bake one hour at 325F to at least 165F internal temperature. 


0.19 lbs (86 grams) Onions, dehydrated
1.5 lbs (681 grams) Shortening
1 lb (454 grams) Flour, wheat, general purpose 
0.5 lb (227 grams) Flour, rice
21.35 lbs (9, 693 grams) Water, tap
2.15 lbs (976 grams) Tomato paste
0.01 lb (5 grams) Pepper, black
0.5 lbs (227 grams) Soup and gravy base, beef 

Combine ingredients to a slurry. Add seasonings to slurry and put in steam kettle. 
Heat for five minutes at 200F. Adjust volume to 3.5 gallons. Place one steak per foil container. 
Pour 4 oz gravy over prepared steak. Cover, mark and freeze. 
Reheat at 350F until internal temperature reaches 160F. 

Here is a version of Salisbury Steak served in the late 1980s 
• 7 1/2 C Water; Warm
• 28 Lb Beef, Ground Fz
• 10 Eggs, Shell
• 6 1/2 Oz Milk; Dry Non-Fat L Heat
• 3 Lb Onions Dry
• 2 Lb Bread Sndwich 22oz #51
• 1 Tb Pepper Black 1 Lb Cn
• 1/3 C Worcestershire Sauce
• 4 Oz Salt Table 5lb

Pan - 18 By 26-Inch Sheet Pan Temperature - 350f. Griddle 
1. Reconstitute milk. 
2. Add milk to bread; let stand 5 minutes. 
3. Combine bread mixture with beef, onions, eggs, salt, pepper, and worcestershire sauce; mix lightly but thoroughly. 
4. Shape into oval patties 1 inch thick weighing 6 oz. 
5. Cook patties on lightly greased griddle (350 f.). Grill 8 minutes on eac side or until steaks are well done. 
Note: 1. In step 3, 3 lb 5 oz dry onions a.P. Will yield 3 lb finely choppe onions. 
Note: 2. In step 3, 6 oz (2 cups) dehydrated onions may be used. See recipe no. A01100. 
Note: 3. Other sizes and types of pans may be used. See recipe no. A02500. 
Note: 4. In step 4, steaks may be measured with no. 6 scoop. See recipe no. A00400. 
Note: 5. In step 5, if convection oven is used, bake at 325 f. 
Recipe number: l03701 

Best, your faithful reader and recipe huntress,

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