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Akron Beacon Journal Chicken Soup

Subject: Akron Beacon Journal Chicken Soup
From: Joel
Date: 10/25/2020, 1:21 PM

On 10/25/2020 9:36 AM, Joel wrote:

Hey man,
There is a recipe I have been trying to find for a couple years now, it was in 
the Akron Beacon Journal sometime between 2015 and 2018, it was a French soup 
with potatoes, onions, chicken thighs, and Chardonnay. It had a good balance of 
tangy, savory, and sweet, which is the issue I have with the ones I have found 
that are close; they are just CLOSE, not RIGHT. The one from the Beacon Journal 
used about half of a bottle of wine, but I cannot remember the specifics of the 
rest of the recipe, just that they called it a "French peasant soup" in the text. 
Thanks so much!

Hello Joel,

When I search for a recipe without having a unique name for the dish, I have to be very specific in the search criteria. In this case, that means that I searched for a recipe with the words "French" and "soup" and calling for "chicken thighs", "onions", "potatoes" and "Chardonnay" (not just "white wine"). In addition, it has to say that it is from "The Akron Beacon Journal" or it should include the phrase "French peasant soup" (preferably both, but not necessarily).

Using different combinations of these criteria on Google, I got a dozen or so "hits", but none of them panned out because of the way Google works. Google searches by page, so Google will consider it a "hit" if all of these words or phrases appear anywhere on the same web page, but not necessarily in the same recipe.  Each word may be in a different recipe, and Google will return it as a "hit". That's all I got here. No single recipe with all of those words, just web pages with those words appearing somewhere on the page. So, I did not find anything useful that way.

If The Akron Beacon Journal had a free online database of their past issues, then perhaps I could have found it by searching those archives.  However, there is no free archive of their past issues online. Their archives are online, but are only accessible by a subscription to a site such as I don't subscribe to a site like that, because I wouldn't use them often enough to justify the expense.

There is one more possibility. Go to: Jane Snow Today. The blogger who does that site says that she used to be the Food Editor for The Akron Beacon Journal. Her email address is on her page. Write to her and ask about the recipe. It's worth a shot.

The only thing that I can do is to post this request. Perhaps one of my readers clipped this recipe from the Journal.  We'll see.


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