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Pine Resin or Rosin for Potatoes

From: jeff 
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 1:27 PM
Subject: Pine resin

Looking for 400-500 lbs of resin to cook potatoes. .
Please inform. Asap.

Thanks Jeff

Hello Jeff,

The only resin supplier that I know of for quantities of that size is ďAmber Pine RosinĒ. However, their website has vanished and an e-mail I sent to their e-mail address bounced back, so they may have gone out of business.

Try here: Rosin Products

Art supply sources only have very small quantities, and tend to be very expensive.

I cannot find many suppliers for bulk pine resin except in China: Alibaba


A Particular Seafood Cocktail Sauce

From: Sandi  
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:22 AM
Subject: Knock Kneed lobster / Lazy Lou's Fish & Chips

Good Morning Phaedrus,

This is my first time contacting you but have snagged many tasty recipes from your site. Thank You! 
My issue is I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and currently living in Houston, Texas. 
There were two restaurants -  Knock Kneed lobster / Lazy Lou's Fish & Chips - in Phoenix that had 
amazing fish & chips. Even though they have two different names the menu items were exactly the same. 
I would really love to know how to make their red sauce/cocktail sauce that is served with the fish. 
It's not a normal cocktail sauce. It's thin with a kick! I have searched the internet and always come 
up empty handed. 

Have a Great Day :)


Hi Sandi,

I had no success locating a recipe or a copycat recipe for this sauce. Sorry. There is a photo of the sauce here: Knock Kneed Lobster

I never saw it stated directly anywhere, but it seems that "Knock Kneed Lobster" is owned by the same people that owned "Lazy Louís", and in-between they may have owned another restaurant called "Sullivanís Pier".

I found lots of comments in reviews about the red cocktail sauce, some good and some bad. Lots of people raved about it, but some people complained that it is too watery. Some said itís just watery ketchup with a dash of hot sauce. Some said itís no different than off-the-shelf cocktail sauce. Some said itís just off-the-shelf cocktail sauce with a dash of hot sauce added.

Iíve never had sauce from either of those places, so I canít recommend a recipe, although there are dozens of red cocktail sauce recipes on the web and in our files.


From: "Brody" 
Subject: Sandi's request for Knock Knead Lobster's cocktail sauce
Date: Sunday, August 17, 2014 6:03 PM

Good afternoon,

While I don't know the recipe, I think I have a pretty good idea of how it's made.  I live in SoCal, but was born and
raised in the Phoenix area.  When Lazy Lou's was at 24th street and Washington, their restaurant was in my dad's old
"La Fiesta" Mexican food building.  Anyway, if you can give Sandi my email address, that would be appreciated.  
The Sullivan's still own it and I make a run there every time I go visit my parents.  The sauce is quite unique, and our 
entire family has talked / analyzed it for years.

Here's an approximation of the recipe as my extended family has analyzed it:

Definitely no ketchup is in the recipe!

1/3 ratio tomato juice
1/3 ratio tomato sauce
1/3 ratio V8 juice

Commercial "Louisiana Style" hot sauce to taste (note, I have seen this sauce in the grocery store and it's the same thing KKL serves)
Creamy style horseradish sauce to taste

Medium ground pepper to taste
Lemon juice to taste

The head scratcher for me has always been how the solids manage to stay suspended in the liquid.  
Perhaps a slurry of corn starch / boiling water (cooled) as a slight thickener might do the trick.



Ft. Worth ISD Cafeteria Recipes

From: Tulane
013 10:35 AM
Subject: Ft. Worth Texas ISD


Any recipes from the Ft. Worth ISD in the 50s and 60s would be appreciated but, most of us 

Would like the recipe for making the wonderful fried chicken.



Hello Tulane,

Iíve searched every way that I can think of, but I cannot find a single recipe that says it is from any of the Fort Worth Schools or the Ft. Worth ISD, nor could I find any mention of the fried chicken. The only thing that I could find regarding the Ft. Worth school cafeterias was a survey done in the 1940s that said the entire school system used a recipe book called ďCook BookĒ by Mrs Bena Hoskins. I had no success find anything about that recipe book, and Iíve no idea if it was still in use after 1950.

The only thing that I can do is post this on my site in the hope that a reader can help.


Sausage Recipes

From: betty
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2013 11:10 AM
Subject: sausage recipes


I am trying to find the name and the recipe for a sausage recipe that an old relative made when he butchered a pig.  
He took the head and liver and heart and boiled them and picked the meat from the head and ground it up with the 
liver and heart, and added it to cooked rice and I am sure onions and garlic and mixed it all together  with a lot 
of pepper, and put it in a sausage casing and made a sausage,.  He heated it in the oven with a bit of water until 
the casing cracked.  What is the name of this sausage and how do you make it?  The relative was Hungarian, if that 
helps to find the name.  Also how do you make a plain simple breakfast sausage?  Are there any preservatives?  
What spices?  Thank you in advance.


Hello Betty,

The Hungarian sausage that you describe sounds like ďhurkaĒ. See the recipes on these pages of my site:

Hurka 1

Hurka 2

For a breakfast sausage recipe, see this page on my site: Breakfast Sausage

For links to all of the sausage recipes on my site, see this page: Sausage Recipes

For the main page of my site, with links to all of the goodies, to the indexes, and a search box, see: Ask Uncle Phaedrus


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