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Biscotti Treccia

-----Original Message----- 
From: Wendy 
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2016 9:35 PM
Subject: Looking for a recipe

Hi! My name is Wendy. Back in December 2012, I made a recipe I labeled as 
biscotti treccia. It was made with lard AND shortening. I shaped them in a 
twist (hence the Italian word for twist/braid 'treccia') and then iced them 
on a cooling rack. The icing had a hint of lemon rind in it, and I believe 
it had a little bit of milk and powdered sugar.

I cannot find the recipe anywhere, and I'm pretty computer savvy.

It was an amazingly light cookie, very delicate with just a hint of lemon 
due to the icing. It was a beautiful flavor, to say the least.

Please see the picture attached and let me know what you think. I've heard 
Anginetti, Tarallucci, Italian Bow Cookies, wedding, Christmas, Easter you 
name it I've heard the combo. This picture came from my Facebook page and I 
labeled it as biscotti treccia.

Can you help?

Thank you!

Hello Wendy,

I'll be happy to help. Please provide additional information, if possible:

Where did you get the original recipe in 2012? On the Internet? Do you recall anything about the website on which you found it?

You say you posted the photo on your Facebook Page. Did you post the recipe on your Facebook page at that time as well? Is that same Facebook page still active? Have you searched back through the older posts?

The language that you use - "I made a recipe I labeled as 'biscotti treccia'" - seems to convey uncertainty about the actual name of the recipe. Are you unsure that "biscotti treccia" was the original name of the recipe?

There is a similar looking cookie called "biscotti treccine" or "biscotti a la treccine." "Treccine" means "pigtails," and these cookies are twists, too, and their images look similar to your picture. Have you done a Google search and a Google image search on both "biscotti treccia" and on "biscotti treccine?" You might find it that way. Most of the recipes that I saw with either name were in Italian, so you'll have to use the translate feature in Google.

There is a great site for Italian cookies on which you might find something helpful here: Italy Revisited
Check the section called "cookies without nuts."


 Thank you for getting back to me. I've checked my Facebook page and I have it labeled as 
biscotti treccia but no recipe listed. I use google all the time- I've done extensive 
research on the internet. 

I appreciate the extra thoughts on doing research on things like biscotti ala treccine but 
I keep seeing the same trend that biscotti ala treccine ingredients include ricotta cheese 
and this recipe that I've been searching for does not. The recipe, from memory, has shortening 
and lard, sugar and lemon rind in the icing. The treccine versions I viewed didn't have icing. 

My husband is Sicilian and he speaks some Italian and his parents are fluent so I'm lucky but 
I can use google translate for the most part too. 

I've checked Italy revisited website but I did not check 'cookies without nuts' so I'm on my 
way to find it!

Ps. I've tried asking my mother in law but she doesn't make desserts only pasta, sausage, 
meatballs, marinara & a sauce. Limited in menu but flavorful and simple. 

I will continue my search with your suggestions but if you ever come across shortening and 
lard in a biscotti treccia, send it my way! I will even make some and send them to you!

Thank you,

Piccadilly Cafeteria Swiss Steak

-----Original Message----- 
From: Dana 
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2016 10:26 PM
Subject: Piccadilly recipe

Swiss steak and that awesome gravy they put on it!


Hello Dana,

Sorry, I could not find Piccadilly's Swiss Steak recipe or their gravy recipe. Piccadilly's menu - Piccadilly Menu
- describes it as: "Steak braised to tender perfection, served in a rich sauce."
I have no idea what the "rich sauce is."

I do have their recipe for their "chicken fried steak", but not the Swiss. The gravy on the chicken fried steak is "cream or brown gravy." Sorry, I don't have those recipes, either.

I'll post this for reader input.


Cushman's Bakery Crumpets

From: Jane 
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2016 11:54 AM
Subject: Crumpets

In the  1940's Cushmans bakery in Penn Station  made an incredible Crumpet. Is  there a recipe anywhere?  
Thanks for any help, Jane

Hi Jane,

Sorry, No success with this. Iíll post it for reader input.


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