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Mary Moore White Christmas Cake

Subject: Mary Moore Christmas Cake
From: Carol
Date: 12/21/2020, 6:12 AM

On 12/21/2020 1:54 AM, Carol wrote:

Hello Phaedrus

What I am trying to find is the recipe by Mary Moore, columnist for the Brantford Expositor. 
The recipe is the white Christmas Cake. Hoping that you can find it. I have lost mine. 
I know it was in the paper in the 1970ís.
Thanks so much


Hello Carol,

Mary Moore was not just a columnist for the Brantford Expositor. She was a syndicated columnist whose cooking column appeared in many Canadian newspapers. There is an excellent article about her here: Culinary Historians

I searched for and found her recipe for "Sure-fire, no-fail white cake" in 2012. See: 4-13-2012

I could not find her recipe for "White Christmas Cake" on the web.

She published "The Mary Moore Cookbook" not long before she passed away in 1978. The "White Christmas Cake" recipe might be in that cookbook. You can find used copies of it for sale in several places on the web.

There also appears to be a "Christmas Cake" recipe by Mary Moore that appeared in the Brandon Sun Newspaper for November 05, 1970 on Page 9.† You can obtain online access to that copy of her column by subscribing to "Newspaper". See: Brandon Sun

I will post this on my site. Perhaps one of my readers has the recipe.


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