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Bakery Recipes

Just a note here:
If you find something that you like at a bakery, ask the name of the pastry and write it down. You aren't likely to have much luck searching on the Internet for "that strawberry pastry from Ned's Bakery in Claremont, Idaho."

Places that sell large numbers of the same products, such as bakeries and cafeterias and many restaurants, make things in large quantities using commercial recipes and commercial, or "food service" ingredients. So, if you had their real recipe, you'd have to cut it down from a commercial recipe for, say, three dozen pastries, to a home recipe for a dozen or half dozen. Also, they often use commercial ingredients that you might have difficulty obtaining, that your local supermarket isn't going to have. For instance, I recently was able to examine two recipes from Van de Kamp's Bakery. One was a cake frosting recipe that called for "hard fat flakes, lecithin powder, fudge base, invert sugar, and shortening/butter blend (40/60)." The other was a cake recipe that listed these ingredients: "liquid cake shortening, cake emulsifier, and wheat starch." Ingredients like these are sold in 50 pound bags and are only available from manufacturers and "food service" or bakery suppliers. How does a home cook substitute for such ingredients? Even the bakers themselves might not know - they've always used these products, not kitchen cabinet ingredients.

Yes, there are a few recipes for making small quantities of products sold by bakeries and cafeterias on my site. Most of these didn't come from the bakeries themselves. They are copycat recipes. Someone took the time to create a copycat recipe using common ingredients and place it on the Internet. Copycat recipes are primarily based on taste, not on the original recipe ingredients.

I don't have any "secret source" for recipes from restaurants and bakeries that are currently in operation. If I can't find a recipe from the bakery itself, then I'll look for a copycat recipe. If even that fails, then I may be able to help you find a recipe for something similar, but probably not from your specific bakery.

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My attempts at finding particular bakery recipes are linked below. To find a recipe on my site by the recipe name instead of by the bakery name, type the recipe name in the search box above and click on the search button or use the alphabetical index.

No Success:

  • Alpine Bakery - NYC
  • Arnold's Bakery - NYC
  • Augusta Bakery - Chicago, Il
  • Bagel Bakery - Monterey, CA
  • Barkus Bakery - Pennsylvania
  • Bauer's Bakery - Manhattan, NY
  • Bauhof's Bakery - Woodlawn, MD
  • Beatrice Bakery -
  • Beehive Bakery - Gainesville, FL
  • Blue Bonnet Bakery - Lawrence, MA
  • Brown's Bakery - N. Hollywood, CA
  • Camden Bakery - Camden, ME
  • Capri Bakery - Newark, NJ
  • Corona Bakery - Hammond, LA
  • Crestwood Bakery - Milwaukee, WI
  • Eberhardt's Bakery - Philadelphia, PA
  • Eclair Bakery - NYC
  • El Dorado Country Maid Bakery - Portage, MI
  • Freed's Bakery - Manchester, NH
  • Freedman's Bakery - Belmar, NJ
  • Freihofer's Bakery - Trenton, NJ
  • George's Bakery - National City, CA
  • Karl's German Bakery - Daleville, AL
  • Kuhn's Bakery - Wadsworth, Ohio
  • Kaunas Bakery - Pennsylvania
  • La Galette bakery - Austin, TX
  • Larsen's Bakery - Berkeley, CA
  • Louise's Bakery -Woodlawn, MD
  • Marsh Bakery - Birmingham, AL
  • Mr. Lawrence's Bakery - New Orleans
  • Mrs Keaton's Bakery - Waco, TX
  • Old River Road Bakery - Wilkes Barre, PA
  • Olympia Bakery - Tampa, FL
  • Olympus Bakery - Lowell, MA
  • Prague bakery, Prague, OK
  • Radfield's Bakery - Whitehaven,TN
  • Schinkel's Bakery - Fairview, NJ
  • Sentry Bakery - Milwaukee, WI
  • Sheridan Square Bakery - NYC
  • Stadium Bakery - NYC
  • Stig's Bakery - MountainView, CA
  • Suburban Bakery - Kennett Square, PA
  • Sunbeam Bakery - Morgantown NC
  • Trost's Bakery - Summit, NJ
  • Vosen's Bread Paradise - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Wagner's Bakery - Olympia, WA
  • Wilkie's Bakery - Cleveland, OH
  • Ward's Bakery - NYC
  • Yum Yum Shop - Lowell, MA
  • Yummies Bakery - Drexel Hill, PA

Use this to search the site!

Just type your request in the blank and click!