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Arundel Poultry Barbecue Sauce

Subject: Arundel Poultry Bbq Sauce
From: Michele
Date: 4/30/2020, 12:09 PM

On 4/29/2020 3:57 PM, Michele wrote:

When I was a child we used to get buckets of BBQ chicken from a flea market in AA County. 
It was a very thin sauce and I have not been able to find the recipe, I have searched 
many times online. My brother and I were just talking about the BBQ sauce and we would 
love to have the recipe. How can we get it? That sauce is nothing like anything weíve 
ever had. Iím making chicken right now and I would do anything for the delicious recipe 
for the sauce.


UPDATE: See: Arundel Poultry Barbecue Sauce

Hi Michele,

I'm sorry, I cannot find a recipe, or any mention at all of anything fitting your description. Part of the problem is that the information that you provide is too little and not very helpful. Anne Arundel County is a fairly large county in Maryland, and there may have been dozens of flea markets within the county over the years. There is one every year at the county fair in Crownsville, and there are others in other towns in the county. In what town was the flea market you visited? What years did you visit it? Can you remember anything else about the flea market? What was it called? Did the vendor from whom you got the bbq chicken have a name? What was it? Was there a name on the chicken buckets?† There may have been more than one vendor selling bbq chicken at various flea markets in Maryland. If so, how to know the one you visited? Was it at the "Old Farmers Mkt." on Ritchie Hwy in Brooklyn Park MD? If so, you might be referring to the same bbq that I searched for in 2014 for another reader. See this post:


I had no success with it in 2014, and still no success today.

All I can do is to post this in the hope that one of my readers also recalls that chicken and can assist with more information.


I was young but it was the Old Farmers Flea Market on Ritchie Hwy in Glen Burnie, Maryland. 
I believe it burned down but Iím not sure. I do not remember the name of the place. They 
would cut up a whole chicken and put the pieces in buckets and pour their BBQ sauce over it. 
It was the best sauce ever and I havenít been able to find the recipe anywhere. 
Iíve searched online many times, I just came across a post yesterday with your name on it 
and someone else was asking about the same place, with the same sauce. 



After studying the problem a bit more, it looks as though the bbq chicken that you and also the 2014 requester are referring to was sold by a chicken company called "Arundel Poultry Company". They seem to have been a small business, and they are mainly remembered by those that remember them for the bbq chicken that they sold at county fairs and flea markets and farmer's markets in Maryland. They existed years before the Internet began, and the only mentions that I can find of them are in a couple of†old newspaper items and on message boards by people looking for the bbq sauce recipe, like you and Tim from 2014. The owner of Arundel Poultry may have been a fellow† named "William Balistreri", but I have not been able to verify that. Since it was so long ago, I'd speculate that he has passed away and that he never shared the bbq sauce recipe outside of his family, if he had one. If my speculations are correct, then that bbq sauce recipe is lost forever unless one of his family or perhaps someone who worked at Arundel Poultry Company with him has the recipe and is willing to share it. I did an Internet search for such people, but I had no success. Maryland Farmer's Markets has a Facebook page at: Maryland Farmer's Markets

It's beyond the scope of my website for me to do so, but if you are interested in investing the time and effort to do so, your best hope to find out more about Arundel Poultry and that bbq chicken would probably be to contact people involved with the Brooklyn Park Farmer's Market and ask them about it. You might visit the actual Brooklyn Park Farmer's Market and talk to people there, maybe some old-timers who might remember Arundel Poultry. They might be able to give you a lead to the owner's family.† You might begin by posting a request for anyone who remembers the Arundel Poultry Company on that Facebook page for the Maryland MFA. You might find a lead that way. Perhaps you can verify the owner's name and locate his family.


Ok, thank you so much! That is more info than I have and itís a great start. I appreciate your help. 

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